I strip to promote body acceptance – theres more to life than a flat stomach

I strip to promote body acceptance – theres more to life than a flat stomach
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    Influencer Bella Davis is often seen stripping off to her underwear to show off her figure online.

    However, instead of looking for admiration and compliments, the Australian influencer is hoping to help people accept their bodies – whatever their size.

    The brunette beauty has managed to build up an Instagram following of more than 250,000 people, thanks to her positive content, which she began posting during the global pandemic lockdown.

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    And she's now explained to Daily Star in an exclusive chat how and why she started creating her content.

    Talking about her relationship with body image, Bella said: "When I was 17 I had an eating disorder called bulimia.

    "It was taking over my life and had me losing my hair, not being able to complete some of my end-of-year exams and affected my relationship with those closest to me.

    "It was awful and I never thought I would live a life where i wasn't at war with my body.

    "But I slowly started to better with the help of professionals and years of recovery and from that, I realised that there is more to life than the size of my waist and the fat on my stomach."

    Discussing posts online, she continued: "I wanted to spread that message – especially during lockdown – because I was tired of people telling me I had to leave lockdown the fittest O had ever been.

    "Honestly, I was struggling not seeing my loved ones and struggling with the pressure I felt from people online to be thin, so I decided one day I would just upload a photo of my cellulite to my personal account for my friends and family to hopefully encourage them to feel better about themselves.

    "After that, I realised I was so passionate about helping others be kind to their bodies."

    Bella prides herself for promoting "body acceptance" over "body positivity" – as she admits she doesn't always feel positive about her curves.

    "I like to refer to my content as body acceptance not necessarily body positivity because I'm not always positive about my body," she confessed.

    "We all have bad days and that's okay but learning to be kind to our bodies on those bad days is important."

    Asked how she built up her large online following, Bella says it happened naturally from her personal account, which she admits was "exciting".

    And although body positive and acceptance accounts are huge right now, the influencer says more still needs to be done.

    "Bodies are still being censored and most clothing stores still don't stock above a size 14, which is bizarre," she said.

    Bella also admits she gets "trolled daily" over her figure – but says she's 'grown a thick skin' and ignores the comments.

    Instead, she is focusing her energy on the future, as she teased a big secret project she has in the pipeline.

    "I can't say much yet because it's a secret but let's just say it's going to be launching in the Australian summer and I have been working on this for months," she exclaimed.

    We can't wait to find out what she has planned!


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