I quit exhausting admin job to be Babestation worker after MS diagnosis

I quit exhausting admin job to be Babestation worker after MS diagnosis

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Babestation favourite Brooksie Brooks has revealed how being diagnosed with a disability led her to ditch her hospital job – and hit the big time in the sex industry.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Brooksie said girls are joining the booming adult entertainment industry in their droves for a whole host of reasons.

"And it's not just because they want to get their t*ts out on the telly", she insisted.

For Brooksie, while her current job is to get pulses racing on Babestation's webcams, she actually first dipped her toe into sex work to slow things down in her own hectic life.

Debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis meant shiftwork and long hours at the private hospital where she was working became unmanageable.

After a couple of other admin jobs, she started dancing in clubs which would stand her in good stead for stripping in front of her webcam audiences.

During that time, publicity shots shared on her social media unsurprisingly got her noticed by channels like Studio 66. She now solely works for Babestation.

Describing herself as "Thirty, flirty and feeling dirty" and with her drop dead gorgeous curves and incredible 34E breasts, Brooksie is now one of the adult chat channel's top stars.

Last year, she was crowned Babestation's Day Babe of the Year.

Living in Leeds with her dog Douglas, the single star splits her work between the Babestation studios in Milton Keynes and shooting from her home.

The flexibility provides the perfect balance for Brooksie, which isn't her real name. Unable to predict when her symptoms will flare up, they are heightened when she's stressed or exhausted.

"And even now there's still a lot of balancing in my life," she said.

Signs of the degenerative brain condition started to appear at 19 when she was working in the hospital and Brooksie was finally diagnosed at 21.

"I was having to learn to live with it in that respect then explain to people at work," she said.

"Working in a hospital, it's difficult because it's an invisible disability. On the outside you look like a normal young person, who looks after themselves.

"I've always taken pride in my appearance and because of that, people think you're okay because you look alright.

"With the shift patterns, by the time I got halfway through the day I was getting exhausted.

"If the fatigue starts to hit you cant just go for a nap for an hour."

MS can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision. After receiving her Covid booster, Brooksie was severely ill and had to take five months off work.

She revealed she even went partially blind for a frightening but, thankfully short, period of time, when her vision was "like looking through a kaleidoscope".

It was 2013 when she started stripping at clubs around Wakefield, Leeds and Huddersfield.

"Even the dancing started getting strenuous and my body clock was messed up," she said.

Her current job is all on her own terms and the staff are always understanding and supportive, she said.

"Now I can do day or night shifts and I've got a really good rapport with the company," she said.

"There are a few of my family and friends who say, 'Are you sure you want to do this?' But this way I can create a life for myself.

"I have a degenerative condition where it's either going to stay how it is or get worse.

"My parents are old school and they were not necessarily happy about it at first but I said, 'Give me an alternative'."

"Now I think they are just happy I have found a way to be able to live and support myself.

"I've got more time at home to make healthier stuff to eat. And because I'm so less stressed about it I'm not getting ill."

Behind the scenes, nature lover Brooksie loves nothing more than hiking out in the sticks with Douglas and weight training at the gym; hobbies which also helps her manage her symptoms and keep her amazing figure in check.

By sharing her own story, Brooksie said she hoped to challenge any "pre-conceptions" about the industry.

Referring to stories in lockdown about girls making massive amounts of money, she said: "There are a lot of youngers girls and they think they can go on shift and make £10,000.

"That's not how it is. You have got to put in the the time, effort and commitment, like any business whether that's a fitness trainer or in aesthetics.

"You have got to market yourself. It's so over-saturated you need to have your s**t together."

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Brooksie would not reveal how much she earns each month, but said: "I do alright."

"You speak to anybody who is self-employed and there are highs and lows. You have to learn to structure your working life and put the effort in," she said.

And some social media platforms can make it difficult for girls to promote themselves, she said.

She pointed out that lingerie models and celebrities are able to freely flaunt their bodies in bikinis on social media without censorship.

"It's really hard for any sex workers, whatever category you fall into, to even try and get any exposure on social media – so many girls contantly get taken down."

Brooksie said she has never experienced anything nasty or untoward in the adult entertainment business – and rarely deals with dodgy customers.

A "civilian girl who works in an office" might be shocked by some of the "wild stuff" they are asked to do, she laughed.

But she added: "My audience knows how I work and I set my own boundaries. The viewers have been really supportive."

You can keep up to date with Brooksie at instagram.com/brooksiebrooks_/ and [email protected]

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