I only wash hair with vinegar – its cheaper and keeps my locks healthier

I only wash hair with vinegar – its cheaper and keeps my locks healthier

A woman confessed she only washes her hair in vinegar because it's cheaper than shampoo – and it makes her hair "healthier".

Kelsi Giroux, 27, started the unusual beauty regime a few years ago after noticing regular shampoo and conditioner would build up on her scalp.

She decided to look into alternative ways to wash her hair, and came across a mix of apple cider vinegar and baking soda, which initially didn't work as the baking soda was difficult to wash out.

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In the end, Kelsi eventually settled on part vinegar, part water, which she said "really helped" with the dandruff and shampoo that built up on her scalp.

She's been washing her hair once a week with vinegar ever since – and the unique method has left her hair looking great for the past three years.

Kelsi, an online content creator, from Grimsby, Canada, said: "I have super thick hair, and I found normal shampoo and conditioner wouldn't come out, so I started looking for alternative methods.

"I thought about what I could do as I was already washing my hair once a week, which is different from the norm.

"I tried apple cider vinegar and baking soda first, but the baking soda didn't come out – so it was kind of a mixture of looking things up and giving things a go.

"Then I tried apple cider vinegar and water and that began to really help the build up, and I've found I don't need to wash my hair as often as well.

"So just half and half, one cup vinegar, one cup water, and then just pour it into hair, rub my scalp and then rinse it out.

"You think it would leave a smell, but it doesn't.

"I don't like the smell of apple cider vinegar, but it smells like nothing, just like hair."

Even though she admits it was a big switch, she's always had tendencies to go against the norm.

When Kelsi tells people about her hair washing hack, she said they're usually intrigued as to how it doesn't go greasy.

She claimed the answer is simply because the process doesn't strip the natural oils.

"My hair feels really healthy now," she added.

"The production of oils is more normal as I'm not rinsing it as much.

"Another benefit is it's a lot cheaper too – it's only $2 a month buying a big jug of apple cider vinegar."

Kelsi posts videos of "green and vegan" food recipes on her TikTok – as she tries to be as "natural as possible".

She likes to keep in line with her ethos of natural and green living when looking for her alternative ways to keep her hair clean.

Kelsi said: "I used regular shampoo and conditioner and then switched to trying more natural brands, and that still didn't help the build up and then found apple cider vinegar.

"I try to live as green and as natural as possible.

"I feel happy about it being more natural and that always makes me feel good.

"I felt better because I didn't have this dandruff issue.

"It was definitely a positive transition."

Kelsi shared a video of her hair washing method on TikTok, which racked up more than 1.5million views, but people were left divided about the beauty hack.

One person said: "I did this for a few washes and after a few days I had so much dandruff it took three washes to get rid of it – never again lol."

Another added: "As a hairstylist this is amazing to renew your hair!!!"

A third also chirped in: "I did this for a few years. My hair was lovely, but my scalp was very unhappy."

Kelsi said, despite the mixed responses, she can't believe how many people watched her explainer video.

The routine has now just become normal to her, so she was "confused" as to why so many people were interested.

"It's just so normal and a simple thing to me," she added.

"I have recommended it to people, but I don't think any friends have given it a try.

"People are definitely interested – I'm sure some of my viewers have tried it."


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