I needed to clear debt so I decided to sell my butt hair – and made £5,000

I needed to clear debt so I decided to sell my butt hair – and made £5,000

A beauty influencer has shared a get rich quick scheme – but it involves getting up close and personal with a razor and your bum.

Rikki Sandhu often posts makeup and hairstyling videos, but with a twist.

The dark haired stunner who wants to “redefine” beauty often shares anonymous stories while getting ready in front of the camera for her 2.2 million TikTok followers.

And, this tale certainly has made her hair tutorial a little more exciting.

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In the clip that has racked up 487,000 views in just 15 hours of being posted, Rikki shared how one woman made £5,000 thanks to cutting and selling her hair – but it didn’t come from her head…

Rikki explained: “Anonymous story time about how I sold my booty hair for money.

“So I just came out of university and your girl was in some serious debt, that uni lifestyle is not cheap and I suddenly realised how much money I owed people.”

Worried about paying off debts, the ex-student took to Google to search what the best and quickest way was to make money as a girl.

She recalled: “A lot of weird options came up like getting a sugar daddy but I’m a good girl so I would never do that. Then I realised, people were selling locks of their hair to strangers online and making loads of money from it.

"But I didn’t wanna start snipping the hair off my head off and that’s when I got thinking.

“Where can I remove hair where I really don’t want it?”

After a quick think, the woman was able to sacrifice some of her body hair – and it was nowhere near her head.

She shared: “So I shaved my booty and collected the hairs, put it in a glass jar and listed it on eBay and guys, your girl got £5,000 for eight strands.”

Although Rikki only shared the story from an anonymous woman, the beauty influencer may have been inspired by the hairy tale.

Rikki wrote in the caption: “Not my story…but [f***] it, I might give it a go at this rate.

“I have enough [bum] hair for the whole population.”

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And it seems like Rikki is not the only one who has been motivated by the cash for a quick shave of the back passage.

One person commented: “I mean – it’s still money.”

Another user added: “I’m doing this.”

While a third person voiced: “This is genius.”

Someone else shared: “Giving me ideas.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person regretted: “The amount of hair I just threw in the bin bruv.”


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