‘I make £250k on OnlyFans thanks to condition that increased my boob size

‘I make £250k on OnlyFans thanks to condition that increased my boob size

An adult performer who was earning £31k per year saw her salary jump to £250k after a rare medical diagnosis caused her breasts to grow sixfold.

The Asutralian content creator was diagnosed with the rare condition known as gigantomastia in 2022, which causes excessive growth of breast tissue.

Put simply, gigantomastia is a non-cancerous tumor that forms in the pituitary gland and prompts the over-production of growth hormones.

In Pamelia’s case, the condition caused her breasts to go up six cup sizes in just over a year, but it came with a lucrative silver lining.

“Because it’s such a unique niche, it’s […] amplified the amount I make on OnyFans,” explained the 27-year-old, from Melbourne, Australia.

Pamelia J, who chose not to disclose her whole name, was diagnosed in March 2022. Within just eight months, her breasts grew from a J-cup bra size to an O-cup.

The content creator had already been making a living on the adult platform OnlyFans since 2018 and earned little more than £30k per year.

As her cup size started to escalate, however, the content creator’s earnings followed suit.

“I made 500,000 AUD (£266k) the last fiscal last year and I made about 17,000 AUD (£9k) a year before,” she explained.

Though she is now making six figures, Pamelia has had to replace her wardrobe almost entirely in order to accommodate her new cleavage.

“I have to buy my clothes in plus-size shops and tey for people like me,” she explained. “There are lots of clothes and styles that I can’t wear because they’re too revealing and make other people uncomfortable. I get a lot of looks.”

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Pamelia told SWNS that she first noticed her condition in January 2022, after she randomly developed back pain and saw drastic growth in her breast.

After realising she had outgrown her most worn bra, she saw a GP who immediately drew a link between her health issues and the heaviness of her breasts.

Pamelia became vigilant in taking notes of her bust size, which escalated from 100 cm to 114 cm in the short space of just seven months.

Despite becoming a financial asset, Pamelia is set to reduce her breast size by at least half with breast reduction surgery next year.

“The money has definitely been something that has played on my mind but I’m sure that mentally and physically it’s the best decision,” she said.

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