I love to watch my partner having sex with well-endowed men

I love to watch my partner having sex with well-endowed men

I love my partner very much, but I really enjoy watching her having sex with other, better-equipped men.

Is that weird?

My manhood is normal sized and our relationship is good but I realise our set-up might seem strange to some people. Do we have a problem?

JANE SAYS: Firstly, is your partner comfortable having sex with other men? Does she sleep with them because she wants to, or because you want her to?

If you’re both happy with your sex life, then it’s no one else’s business. We all have our individual quirks and if watching your partner with other men keeps things fresh, then that’s up to you.

Ex still bleeds me dry

The mother of my children has always been useless with money.

We parted in 2010 and I had custody of the children until they fled the nest. But she’s continued to beg me for favours.

She always needs money for bills but then spends it on herself.

Our eldest is just about to move in with his girlfriend and she’s not contributing a penny. She’s just asked my new partner and I for a £500 loan so she can get her car fixed. I do feel sorry for her but she frustrates and exasperates me too.

How do I finally get her out of my life when I stopped loving and respecting her years ago?

JANE SAYS: Maybe it’s finally time for some tough love and honesty.

Of course, you share children together so there will always be something of a link, but you are not responsible for your ex-partner’s wellbeing.

Firmly tell her that you and your new partner have a different life now and that she needs to find her own way.

Your new partner may be patient at the moment but everyone has got their limits.

Gaming is just a hobby

My girlfriend can’t stand that I’m a gamer.

I’ve enjoyed Xbox and PlayStation ever since I was a child and consider it a hobby – nothing more.

I limit myself to only playing games in my free time at the weekend. I have never put games above family time, but my girlfriend is convinced I am “addicted”.

She rants about how it’s all I ever do – and she’s even threatened to walk out over it.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my behavior. I don’t want her on my back just because I have my own way of chilling out.

JANE SAYS: Is your gaming the issue, or would your girlfriend have a problem with any hobby? If you substituted gaming for fishing or football, would she still complain about lack of attention?

This sounds like she’s trying to control your time as opposed to being concerned about an “addiction”.

Maybe try inviting her to play with you so she understands why you enjoy it.

However, if she is so upset then perhaps you should consider the state of your relationship and whether you really want to be with someone who can’t respect your need for downtime.

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