I joined OnlyFans with my mum at 18 – now I live in Barbados and earn fortune

I joined OnlyFans with my mum at 18 – now I live in Barbados and earn fortune

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Brittany Olivia was just 18-years-old when one tweet changed the course of her life.

She had just finished posing in lingerie with her mum when she hit the send button.

The saucy tweet announced that the family members were joining OnlyFans together – and it quickly went viral.

Brittany, from Blackpool, recently turned 21 and now lives in sunny Barbados after pocketing up to £25,000 a month on the adult site.

And she has spoken exclusively to Daily Star about the viral post and how nothing has been the same since.

“I actually had six jobs from the ages of 16-18, mainly waitressing,” she said.

“I got up around 6am most days and would work my arse off for a better check every month.

“I now look back at that time in my life and I just don’t think I actually wanted to work for someone else, hence why I couldn’t hold down a job. Something better was waiting for me.”

And that something better was earning vast amounts of money selling racy snaps online.

Aged 18, she told her mum, Jessica, about her new venture and received her full support.

Then, weeks later, Jessica had a light-bulb moment.

Brittany recalled: “I was home and she barged into my room and was like ‘I have an idea, let’s do OnlyFans together’.

“Initially I was like, ‘ok, you’re weird’ but we actually spoke about it and I came up with a well-thought out tweet that would potentially boost both of our numbers.”

After the tweet went viral, one responder commented: “First of all I f****** love this!

“Second, I’m glad to see parents actually supporting their children doing safe sex work.

“My mum knows I’m a sex worker and supports me as well.”

Asked whether she expected it to attract a global audience, Brittany said: “I used to tweet smaller things that were controversial about outfits etc just for bait, clearly I was attention deprived before too.

“So ultimately I knew it would get a little bit of attention but never like this.

“The next morning my phone froze from notifications and my numbers went from the hundreds to the larger thousands so it was overwhelming.”

And as for the reaction where she lived, she added: “I didn’t even need to reach out and tell my friends.

"The next morning I woke up and my messages were so full from everyone telling me the same things about the tweet.

“There was a lot of talk from people I knew in high school but weren’t really friends with. I was the quiet kid so I think there might have been confusion.

“A few had reached out to me and were like ‘seen the numbers, fair play’.”

Brittany remains on OnlyFans and she makes anywhere between £10,000 to £25,000 a month.

And because of her success – she has now ditched the UK to build a life of luxury in Barbados.

Explaining why, she said: “I decided to make the move to Barbados as I know that there is more for me to achieve and more for me to strive for.

“I've never had a small town mindset, I always want more.

“So moving away was a light decision for me and I thought why not. There was more money in it as well, location plays a part in my content and I think travelling as an OnlyFans worker is so cool.”

And as for her mum, who remains on OnlyFans, Brittany laughed: “Mum now refers to me as a business woman.

“She’s very proud of me as we are of each other. She’s watched me travel a lot since and achieve big things and she’s still pushing me for more.”

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