I help other mums pay off debts and make extra cash – heres my secrets

I help other mums pay off debts and make extra cash – heres my secrets
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    Mum Megan Micklewright has made a name for herself online by being a savvy spender.

    And now she's helping other parents save cash too with her top tips and tricks.

    The beauty now boasts more than 40,000 followers on her @thesavvyspenderofficial Instagram page after deciding to help people save and make extra money while she was on maternity leave.

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    And she's so good at it, she was crowned The Savvy Spender, 2023 Online Financial Influencer of the Year earlier this year.

    She's also recently worked with the likes of investment company BlackRock and met the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after being invited by 10 Downing Street.

    Megan has now opened up to Daily Star about her money-saving career in an exclusive chat – as well as giving up some of her biggest cash-saving tips.

    Asked why she initially started saving money, Megan said: "I’ve always been a saver since my first ever job.

    "I’ve seen family struggle with no money and I’ve never wanted to fall into the same shoes, so I’ve always felt the need to hold onto my money which has created the habit of constantly saving and being savvy with my money."

    Talking about how she became an influencer, she added: "I started to share my tips via Instagram whilst I was on maternity leave in hopes that I could help other mums whilst they’re on Statutory Maternity Pay and it grew from there!

    "So many people loved my tips and my platforms grew very quickly."

    Giving her best tips for other mums to save cash, Megan said habits are key.

    She told us: "Habits are more important than the amount you save. Saving little but often is just as important as saving big amounts. You can start saving with as little as you can, as long as you start!"

    Megan also recommends shopping around, as she added: "You can save so much cash by shopping around – never pay the first price you see!"

    Her third biggest top tip is cashback, as she said: "Cashback for everything.

    "There’s so many cashback apps out there that are willing to give you money back on things you’ll buy anyway (things like food shopping, fuel, insurance) so it’s a must to save some money!"

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    Megan admits the cost of living crisis has made saving money even more key for many parents.

    "I have noticed a bigger influx in queries and questions I get around saving money and surviving on small amounts of cash since the cost of living crisis started, especially around food shopping and energy prices," she said,

    "It’s really sad that the economy is in such a bad place but I’m hopeful that things will change and I’m so happy that my tips and tricks are helping more people to make money, save money and make their money stretch further!"

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