I earn £56k a year "spicy dancing" in strip club – and only work 2 days a week

I earn £56k a year "spicy dancing" in strip club – and only work 2 days a week

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A stripper has revealed how she knows what will make her the most money when she gets up on the stage.

Miki, who posts on TikTok as @mikifromtheclub, has kept meticulous records of her earnings since she started her "spicy dancing" career eight years ago.

The 29-year-old, from Perth, Western Australia has earned around $98,000AUD (£56,000) in the last year and she knows exactly what is going to make her the most money, from the wigs she wore to what day of the week to dance.

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In a video on TikTok, which has gained more than 547,000 likes, she explained what she wears and how much money she earned each night so that she can notice the trends to "do better".

According to her spreadsheet, on her worst night, she earned $65 (£37) and on her best, she earned $3,410 (£1,970).

But despite the huge scope in earnings, Miki told the Daily Star that she "loves" stripping and how the tracking system helped her realise that she earns more money when she wears brightly coloured wigs.

She said: "I started keeping spreadsheets from day one of being a stripper. I've always been the type of person who likes to keep track of money and really tightly control my finances so it was a pretty natural thing for me to do.

"Over the years I've upgraded my spreadsheets, I've added things and have lots of different sections and calculators.

"In eight years of doing it I've really figured out what type of statistics I want to see in my data so I log the things I think are important like my wig colours and what day of the week I worked.

"It's very clear from my data that brightly coloured hair makes me more money. Bright colours work for me because my personality at work is flamboyant and fun, like a party girl vibe!

"But obviously garish plastic wigs wouldn't work for every type of stripper, lots of girls have a more classy and calm vibe so it wouldn't match their work persona at all. The statistics I pull from my data are only really applicable to me."

Despite being a high earner on the stage, Miki claims she doesn't like spending money as she is "low maintenance". But her job gives her free time to pursue other things like studying for a second degree at university and working on producing her own music.

She says her life isn't all glamour and money and has shared some of the downsides she faces in the club.

"I've travelled all over Australia with stripping, it's taken me to so many amazing places and I've met some of the coolest people through it," she added.

"There are obviously downsides as well like working nightshift takes a toll on your body and mind and dealing with rude customers can get really frustrating – but there are rude people in any job, so it's not really a downside exclusive to stripping.

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"I only work two days a week on average and I make a very decent middle-class income, which is so freeing. I have so much free time to do other things, I'm studying for my second bachelor's degree and I produce music about strippers under the name MIKI as well."

"A bad week just means that the next week is going to be better!"


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