I dont use deodorant as I love smell of sweat – even when were in heatwave

I dont use deodorant as I love smell of sweat – even when were in heatwave

A model has revealed why she has snubbed deodorant – even during the hot UK weather.

Fenella Fox, 28, said she doesn't like using spray as she loves the smell of her own sweat.

The OnlyFans bombshell, from Worcester, first hit headlines when she quit shaving to proudly flaunt her hairy armpits.

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Now she hardly wears deodorant since she decided to grow out her armpit hair five years ago.

The model, who has 165,000 TikTok followers, even said keeping her underarms untouched is a huge turn-on for some fans.

She said: "I love the natural smell of my armpits and rarely ever wear deodorant.

"I believe our diet and lifestyle plays a huge part in how we naturally smell.

"I wish more people would learn to embrace their natural odour instead of masking it with unnatural scents.

"A lot of perfume and deodorants just smell unattractive to me.

"I'm just looking forward to using the heatwave to make sweaty content for my fans."

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For anyone in doubt of how popular Fenella's pits are, she even did a quick poll on Twitter asking people if they had a "sweat fetish".

And the results? Well, almost 40% of over 500 people said yes, while an additional 18% voted maybe/not sure.

Some even took it upon themselves to share their views in the comments section.

One user said: "Yeah definitely. I like to smell, lick and kiss women's sweaty hairy armpits. They are so yummy."

Another added: "Same here totally!"

Speaking of having a sweat fetish, someone else commented: "Yes, have had since my teens.

"The slightest whiff of a woman's armpit hair sweat has always made me instantly and hugely aroused.

"Also love the sight of a woman's armpit hair curling from sweating during sex."

Fenella has earned a massive £300,000 over two years on OnlyFans.

She first stopped shaving her armpits in 2017 in protest against men's expectations but also entertains her fans in other ways.

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