I avoided visiting places my husband went with his ex – but now embrace it

I avoided visiting places my husband went with his ex – but now embrace it

A woman has told how she once didn't want to travel to places where her husband had been with his ex – but now she embraces making new memories.

Content creator Sarah Nicole Landry, AKA The Bird Papaya to her over two million Instagram followers, creates content about all sorts of things from motherhood to body positivity.

But in a recent post she's opened up about relationships, and the importance of transitioning from one to another while learning to embrace the memories.

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She told her followers that there was a time in her life when she didn't want to travel to places where her partner had been with his ex, as she wanted to make new memories.

But in time she learnt that she'd be missing out if she continued to think like this.

Sarah opened up about the complexities and fragility of relationships as she spoke about the importance of being able to make new memories with a new person, without completely letting go of the old ones.

The mum said there's a way you can move on without making the past and present "blurred or tangly", and instead you can work towards a life that's "perfectly clear."

Writing on Instagram, Sarah said: "I once told him I wouldn’t travel to a place he had been to with an ex.

"He plainly said to me 'well that’s too bad because you’re holding yourself back from some cool experiences'.

"I just hated it. I only wanted new memories with him. I wanted firsts. And lasts.

"Not memories blurred with the past. Then came Disney.

"And, the last time I came here with my family – was as a different family. With a different husband.

"And I look at Shane and I cannot imagine not having these moments with him. These memories of *ours*.

"As it turns out they’re not blurred or tangly. They’re perfectly clear…

"The past is part of what makes us. The present is who we are.

"And the choices we make determine the memories we hold onto in the future.

"When you meet someone a bit later in life you meet the collective them.

"The person they are because of their past. The things they bring with them from it.

"I don’t want to erase the old memories. But I do want to add some new ones.

"The reality is – that wouldn’t be possible without a person willing to meet me right here in the middle.

"Somewhere between the past And the future memories."

Since Sarah shared the inspirational words more than 57,000 people have liked the post.

Hundreds of people also left comments, and it was noted that "middle ground is a beautiful place to be."

One person said: "The hope that I have reading this. Divorced with two kids. I know my Prince Charming is out there."

Another commented: "Love this so much. As a 'yours, mine and ours' beautifully blended family, I totally agree.

"It's not about erasing past chapters, it's about writing a bigger story."

A third added: "This spoke to me on so many levels. Make new memories.

"The love I chose is the love I have now. Why limit that? Thank you."


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