I am obsessing over toyboy fling my wife had before she met me | The Sun

I am obsessing over toyboy fling my wife had before she met me | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY wife and I have been together for nine years and she’s never given me any reason to feel insecure – until we bumped into a much younger man who she had once slept with.

I just knew there was something amiss when we saw him at the cinema one evening.

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We’d gone out to watch the new Top Gun when this man spotted her sitting two rows in front.

They had a little chat, but she became visibly flustered.

For the whole film she was fidgeting.

Afterwards she admitted she’d had a fling with him ten years ago and they’d slept together a few times.

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I’m 53, she’s 51 and this man is 39!

I’ve asked her about their relationship but she insists that I need to forget it.

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DEIDRE SAYS: She had met this man before you and has never given you any reason to feel insecure.

Perhaps her reluctance to discuss this relationship is because you are showing an unhealthy interest in it?


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Far better to focus on your wife and enjoy your life together.

It is completely normal for you both to have had a past before you got together

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