Gym bunny posts pics taken seconds apart to show how unposed body looks

Gym bunny posts pics taken seconds apart to show how unposed body looks

A personal trainer wants people to know that “normal” bodies look different depending on the angle.

Isabelle – AKA fitness4lazygirls on Instagram – took pictures seconds apart in the same outfit.

She posed in a pink sports bra and navy leggings to show how social media is simply a "highlight reel".

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In the first picture, Isabelle flexes her muscles and holds her breath to make her abs look tighter.

Meanwhile, the second image shows her "standing straight" with her "feet together" and "relaxing" her body.

Instead of just posting her most flattering snap, the body positivity advocate shared them both.

The online coach, from the US, hopes this will encourage her followers to feel "proud" of how they look when they're not posing.

She said: "Quick reminder that social media is a highlight reel and you are allowed to exist in many different forms.

"You (and everyone else) will look different when you are posed vs. unposed, flexed vs. unflexed, in flattering clothing vs. not, breathing normally vs. holding your breath, and the list goes on and on!

"Don’t compare the highly posed picture on your feed to your normal, relaxed body.

"We are three-dimensional humans and we look different from different angles. That’s normal and wonderful!

"Be proud of your body in all states and stop comparing yourself to others. You’re perfect."

Isabelle's post garnered 1,000 likes and plenty of positive comments.

One Instagram user gushed: "I love this."

And another said: "You're cute."


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