Four ways to save money and find a bargain while shopping at Poundland

Four ways to save money and find a bargain while shopping at Poundland

With rising energy costs andincreasing petrol prices, the cost of living has left many people looking for ways to keep costs down.

Besides saving money on bills andsaving money on your motor, there’s other things that households can do to help cut costs as much as possible when it comes to shopping.

While high street store Poundland may be known for keeping its prices low, it turns out that shoppers could be getting items for even cheaper.

With over 800 stores across the country, here’s some simple tips that could help you bag a discount…

Choose the right time to visit

When it comes to grabbing a bargain, picking when to shop is key.

Choosing to visit the store first thing in the morning means that shoppers can get their eyes on any bargains before anyone else.

Similarly, the restocking of shelves typically happens when the shop is closed, either at night or in the morning, meaning that they should be filled to the brim with goodies.

However, if you want to know the specifics of your local poundland, speaking to a member of staff may help to gauge when the best time of day to shop is.

Look out for reductions

When food and drink items near their use-by dates, Poundland tends to subject them to heavy discounts.

As the day goes on, or as the expiry date gets closer, the discounts often get bigger.

For instance, costs may be cut to 50p initially but may be brought down to 25p if they haven’t been purchased.

Goods such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween related items may be marked down towards the end of the season in order to make room for new stock too.

Again, asking a member of staff where the discounts can be found is a good way to go about the bargain hunting.

Go online

While Poundland might be a staple on the high street, did you know that it has an online shop too?

Shops are able to charge different prices in store and online, so it’s worth checking out thePoundland website to see if any prices differ.

If you do see any differences, it could be worth asking a manager in store if they would be able to price match the online item,

Honouring the lower price isn’t an obligation, though there’s no harm in asking.

Keep an eye out on social

With stores across the country, it’s no surprise that Poundland has a fan following online.

In fact one Facebook page, thePoundland Appreciation Society, has over 104,000 members.

Through groups like these, or even through hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, finding a bargain has never been easier as shoppers are quick to share their spots with others.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out on Poundland’s official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages too as they’re regularly used to show off the store’s new items.

But besides showing off new stock, Poundland’s Facebook page sometimes hosts competitions where fans can win everything from electric scooters to football tickets.

You can find your nearest Poundland by using itsbranch locator.

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