Find petrol stations with the cheapest fuel near you with handy website

Find petrol stations with the cheapest fuel near you with handy website

Many of us are worried about the rising cost of living as petrol prices, energy bills and food shopping prices skyrocket.

With petrol and diesel prices hitting a record high due to the crisis in Ukraine, millions of Brits are feeling their household expenses increase.

And, for a lot of people it’s becoming unaffordable – meaning some may have to choose between filling up the car and topping up the gas or electricity meter.

The average cost of a litre of petrol at forecourts around the UK went up to 152.20p last week and as such drivers are looking to cut down on their fuel use.

And, one great way of slashing the cost of your tank is to find the cheapest petrol station near where you live or work, reports the Sun.

Luckily, a clever bargain hunter on Facebook shared just how to do that without wasting petrol by driving around to check.

She said: "Okay seen this online thought it might help a few people out.

"If you go onto and type in your postcode it’ll give you the cheapest fuel prices in your area."

The site also shows you how much you could save by visiting each forecourt and when the station’s price list was last updates.

In the comments, people shared their thoughts on the clever hack.

One person noted: "The apps are only as good as the user makes them. People need to update the prices on there to help others!"

While another added: "Would be great if they updated daily every hour. Prices have soared since last updated.”

Unfortunately, you only get one search on the site per day as a guest user, but if you register – for free – then you get 20 per week.

And, while you shouldn’t drive miles to save a few quid if you have a cheaper station in your area it could make a big difference to your wallet right now.

Another website,, lets you do 20 free searches for petrol stations in your area to see who has the best rates.

On average there’s a difference of about 2pm per litre.

And, the RAC claims doing this could save you an average of £226 on petrol or £158 on diesel every year.

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