Fashion student accuses Levi’s of ripping off her ideas

Fashion student accuses Levi’s of ripping off her ideas

Fashion student accuses Levi’s of ripping off her ideas after the denim giant used a VERY similar design to one she submitted for a competition

  • Caitlin Fraser from Govanhill, Glasgow, hit out at fashion brand Levi’s on Twitter
  • Claims the denim giant used her designs, which she had sent in for competition
  • Was shortlisted and claims Levi’s used designs knowingly without permission
  • Designs both show quotes highlighted by bleach on jackets and pairs of jeans 

A fashion student has hit out at £5.1bn denim brand Levi’s for allegedly ripping off her designs.

Caitlin Fraser from Govanhill, Glasgow, shared images that show a remarkable similarity between her creations and Levi’s’ recent Handmaid’s Tale-themed products.

The third year fashion and design student from The Glasgow School of Art claims the brand ‘stole’ ideas from her, after she entered and was shortlisted for one of its competitions.

Pictures show Caitlin’s work, which features the words of conceptual artist Jenny Holzer bleached onto distressed denim, compared alongside a Levi’s jacket that has quotes from The Handmaid’s Tale printed on to it.

MailOnline has reached out to Levi’s for comment.  

A fashion student from Glasgow hit out at denim giant Levi’s, claiming they stole her designs for their joint Handmaid’s Tale campaign with Hulu 

Caitlin (pictured) claims that Levi’s saw her designs (right) as the brand shortlisted them for their Levi’s X Arts Thread 2019 competition 

The Levi’s design, which consists of quotes from the Handmaid’s Tale highlighted in bleach on a denim jacket 

Caitlin took to Twitter to vent her frustrations, sharing images of her work alongside Levi’s latest range.

She captioned it: ‘Find it weird that this @LEVIS design is very similar to the stuff I sent to Levi’s for a competition a few months ago which I was shortlisted for therefore they have looked at my work. 

‘They’ve also captioned it “join the resistance” which my whole project was based on…’.

Social media users reacted with outrage to the Tweet, which has clocked up over 2,000 likes. 

People on Twitter were outraged by the student’s claims and asked the denim giant for explanations 

Bracken Buchan replied: ‘I would be so livid if that happened to me! It’s actually shocking how many up and coming designers have the same stories about big companies ripping off of them! 

‘Deffo get a lawyer if it’s not been put in the small print and even then surely you should get a cut of the proceeds,’ they added. 

Kelly Sloan retweeted Caitlin’s photos with the caption: ‘Absolute snakes. Why do big brands LUUUUV to steal ideas from designers and give them no credit for it, like they’ve actually just stolen a whole idea (sic)!

A screenshot provided by Caitlin which shows her designs were shortlisted as part of the Levi’s competition 

An email from Levi’s to Caitlin informing her that while she hadn’t won the overall competition, she was shortlisted as one of the top 20 entrants  

Some of the designs that Caitlin submitted to Levi’s for the Rule Breakers vs Rule Makers competition  

‘They’re an actual billion dollar company the least they could do was give Caitlin a bit of recognition. Embarrassing.’

‘Wtf, in one way this is great cos it just shows how cool your ideas are, but on the other hand how f****** annoying!! I smell a lawsuit (sic),’ another wrote.  

While Mathew Cleland said: ‘@LEVI’S explain yersels (sic)!!’

Replying to the comments Caitlin added: ‘They had the absolute cheek to tell me I hadn’t won their competition but then stole ideas off me.’

Caitlin had been shortlisted in the top 20 of the Levi’s X Arts Thread 2019 competition for her concept entitled: ‘Rule Breakers vs Rule Makers.’

Levi’s tweeted the image to advertise their new line of patches inspired by TV drama The Handmaid’s Tale, based on Margaret Attwood’s 1985 novel about life in a dystopian United States.

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