Ex-Odeon worker shares worst discoveries – from used condoms to cups of pee

Ex-Odeon worker shares worst discoveries – from used condoms to cups of pee

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A former Odeon worker has lifted the lid on some of the most vile customers she had ever experienced on shift – with one even leaving behind a "used" condom.

The film lover, who worked at the cinema chain five years ago, told Daily Star people would even discard whole cucumbers during screenings of Fifty Shades of Grey, but reckoned it could have been part of a bizarre prank.

Listing the unpleasant things cinema-goers have left behind for staff to find and dispose of, they said: "Used condoms, we've found used condoms.

"We would find cucumbers in Fifty Shades of Grey screenings… I dread to think [what they were used for].

"I don't know if it was a weird inside joke but we did find cucumbers."

They added: "During the Hobbit, someone peed in a cup and left it for us, that was pretty disgusting."

Unfortunately, some families would cause so much trouble the cinema allegedly hired security to keep its staff safe because of threats of violence.

The former Odeon worker said rowdy customers would "square up to you" and vow to set their families on staff members who tried to stop them from entering without paying for a ticket.

But they also said they had a great manager and enjoyed many perks while working at Odeon, such as free cinema tickets for themselves and friends and exclusive midnight screenings of new releases.

Another Odeon worker previously told Daily Star it's quite common to spot celebrities attending and that if you do get too frisky with your partner you're bound to get spotted and thrown out.

They also admitted that they leave their shifts smelling like sweet and salty popcorn. Still, there are worse things to smell of.

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