Easy way to get a refund on a flight if you miss it due to airport queues and chaos

Easy way to get a refund on a flight if you miss it due to airport queues and chaos

THOUSANDS of travellers continue to have their holiday plans disrupted after airlines cancelled or delayed flights out of the UK.

Earlier today, EasyJet customers were told there were no more flights home from Portugal for a week, leaving travellers stranded.

British Airways, Ryanair, Tui and Wizz Air have also cancelled hundreds of flights between them at short notice.

It comes after some UK airports were left in chaos last week following mass delays and cancellations.

But there are ways to glean something positive out of a negative situation if you have been left stuck abroad or at home.

According to Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert, if your flight is cancelled, you're due an alternative one, or a full refund.

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And if it's less than 14 days before departure, you might be owed hundreds in compensation too.

The amount you are due will depend on the length of time between cancellation and the date you were due to fly, as well as the distance you were due to travel.

For example, if your flight was cancelled less than seven days before departure, is between 1,500 to 3,500 kilometres in distance, and lands up to three hours after the due time, you can claim £168 back.

What else are you entitled to?

For customers currently stranded, Rory Boland, Which? travel editor, offered further advice on getting flights refunded and more:

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What if you miss your flight due to lengthy queues?

Some airports have been packed with travellers stranded waiting for flights out of the UK.

Some holidaymakers are also turning up early to check-in, which is creating extra congestion.

But Rory said if you miss your flight due to lengthy security queues caused by the extra people, you are "unlikely" to get your money back.

"The airline will argue that what goes on at security is down to the airport staff to control."

If your flight is delayed or cancelled

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, and you're flying from the UK or EU, to the UK with a British carrier, or to the EU with an EU or British carrier, your airline should step in under what's known as the Denied Boarding regulation, Rory said.

"Under this rule, airlines should reroute you via any reasonable route – even if it means with a rival carrier," Rory said.

What if your baggage gets lost?

"Airlines are responsible for the baggage they allow you to check in," Rory said.

"If your luggage doesn't arrive, report it at the airport and be sure to get a copy of the report and the handling agent's contact details."

Rory said a useful tip is to have some of your personal contact information on your case, as this can help you locate it if it gets lost.

Do you need travel insurance?

Rory said that despite travel opening up again post-Covid, booking still carried a risk.

But, he added: "If you are booking, choosing a good insurance provider and a holiday with a flexible booking policy remains the best way to protect yourself from potential disruption."

We've looked at the common travel insurance mistakes that could end up costing you thousands.

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