Dog who spent 11 years in kennels is looking for a loving home

Dog who spent 11 years in kennels is looking for a loving home

Could YOU look after Britain’s most unloved pet? Dogs Trust makes plea to find owner for adorable ageing boxer cross, 11, who’s NEVER had a proper home since being rescued as a puppy

  • Molly, 11, is a crossbreed from Loughborough looking for her forever home  
  • Sweet pooch has spent most of her life in kennels after she was found as a stray 
  • The fun-loving dog requires a bit of getting-to-know before she feels relaxed
  • Dogs Trust says she’s looking for a place to call home during her final years

A ‘special’ dog who’s spent most of her life in kennels since she was rescued as a puppy is hoping to finally find a loving home to spend the last years of her life. 

Molly, an 11-year-old honey-coloured Boxer cross, has spent the majority of her life with the Dogs Trust, staying in kennels in Loughborough, after she was found as a stray at eight-months-old. 

Her carers says the sweet-looking pet, who loves to go on walks and play, is looking for an owner who offer her a comfortable retirement, Metro reports.  

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Molly, an 11-year-old Boxer cross, has spent the majority of her life in Dogs Trust kennels in Loughborough after she was found as a stray when she was only eight-months-old

Her handlers are desperate to find Molly a good home, saying she deserves the chance to bond with one person or family.

‘Molly is a very special girl with a big heart and we would love her to finally find the home she deserves,’ said Celine Di Crocco, manager at Dogs Trust, Loughborough. 

Celine said she could personally vouch for Molly, after the dog spent some time with her at her own home, explaining that she had been the ‘perfect house guest.’ 

‘She was perfectly comfortable with all the different sounds and smells, slept in the lounge at night and we enjoyed a cuddle on the sofa in the evening,’ she added.   

The dog is one of the charity’s ‘Patwork dogs’ – meaning she requires a little bit of help to feel comfortable in certain situations, such as being around strangers.

Molly’s handlers at the Dogs Trust say the honey-coloured dog loves to go on walks and is very loving with the people she knows

However, Molly is beloved by all the Trust’s handlers who’ve taken care of her throughout the years of her life. 

Celine, who explained the centre looked after all their dogs until they found a forever home, said Molly had a rough start in life, but deserved to find a loving family that would take care of her. 

‘She really is a gorgeous girl so if someone is looking to welcome an older dog into their lives, then she could be the one,’ she added. 

On Molly’s profile, she is described as ‘a very special girl with a big heart, she loves the people closest to her and will wag her little stumpy tail when she sees her human friends.’ 

It will take patience and gentleness to get to know Molly, who needs a little while to adapt to new circumstances, the Dogs Trust advised

After spending time in a kennel for so long, Molly will need several meetings and playdates before she can feel comfortable with someone new. The adoption process will have to be slow and steady, said the Dogs Trust.

After growing up as a stray, Molly can be nervous around strangers but is very gentle with people she’s accustomed to. 

They predict she’ll blossom in a quiet household of one or two people who don’t have any other pets or children and can focus all their attention on her.  

They added Molly loves foods in all its forms, cuddles and playing games in the fresh air.

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