DIY fan saves £600 on bathroom makeover by using 79p Stacey Solomon hack

DIY fan saves £600 on bathroom makeover by using 79p Stacey Solomon hack

Renovating your house often doesn't come cheap, so it's good to save money where you can.

One savvy mum and DIY fan saved herself £600 on her bathroom makeover, thanks to a 79p Stacey Solomon hack.

Mum-of-two Paula Atkins, from Liverpool, opening up to about the clever trick.

She said: "The bathroom was looking old and tired, and I wanted to give it an update. However, as the room is tiled from floor to ceiling I knew that replacing the tiles would be costly.

"I knew we would not be able to afford getting the bathroom done professionally. When I looked at bathroom remodelling, the prices online were in the thousands.

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"I wanted to have the challenge to do it ourselves so we could feel the sense of achievement when it was done."

Paula, 48, said that when she was looking at designs for inspiration, she liked the bathrooms with wall panels on Pinterest.

She added: "I wanted it to be light as it is only a small room. I had heard of wall panels before so I checked them out on YouTube and thought I could have a go at that.

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"I also wanted to create a black square mirror using a DIY hack I saw on Stacey Solomon’s Instagram page.

"I was able to recreate what she did using picture frames and mirrors from Ikea."

Stacey's hack, which she shared online in January 2021, involved her creating a giant mirror out of frames and mirrors from IKEA.

She said at the time: "I'm going to try and make a giant mirror. I feel like I really need something in these big white spaces (the living room) and I love those giant panel mirrors but they're so expensive.

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"So I bought these black frames and mirrors from Ikea, all together cost £30 so I really hope I can make it look nice."

She used command strips to hang them up and made use of a spirit level and tape measure to "make sure I get them in the right place".

To get started, she "put a line in the middle then put two mirrors either side of the dot and worked from there".

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Once the project was done she said: "I can't tell you how happy this is making me. I can't believe it. For £30 I'm so happy."

Paula said that the mirrors were 99p each and the frames were 79p each, which she thought was "great value for money". This meant she got 16 frames and 16 mirrors for £28.48.

Meanwhile, she got the panels and other tools such as trims and glue from DBS Bathrooms, while the floor and bath tiles are PVC stick on ones from Amazon, which were £7.99 per tile.

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She said: "The final price for everything was £360 and I actually overestimated how much I would need. I had enough left over to give my small toilet room a makeover too!"

When it came to the DIY, Paula started by cleaning the walls and ensuring they were all dry. She then measured the length required for the panels and applied the corner trim.

She added: "Next up, I cut the panels to the required length with a thin hand saw.

"We applied the adhesive to the back before applying the panel. As each one had a groove for the next one to be slotted in, we were able to simply repeat the process.

"When I was making the mirror, I made sure all of the frames were straight by using a spirit level.

"The mirrors also came with sticky tabs to fix to the wall. I then measured the tiles to fit the floor, cut them to size and applied them."

Paula said the hardest part of the project was applying the panels in tricky places such as behind the radiator and around the window.

She said her and her partner work full time hours, so they could only fit the work in at weekends.

Giving tips for other people wanting to do the same, Paula said in hindsight, she would have bought better tools and measured the area correctly as she ended up buying way too many panels for the job.

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