Dating Sunday: Top tips to improve your dating profile

Dating Sunday: Top tips to improve your dating profile

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After finally recovering from the festive period, tonight will be the busiest period of the year for dating apps as Dating Sunday gets underway. For many singletons who resolved 2022 would be the year to put themselves out there, dating apps can be a minefield. If you’re new to online dating, these are the important rules of digital dating etiquette you need to know: from avoiding politics, to how to start a conversation.

According to data from dating app Inner Circle, today will be the most popular day for lovelorn Britons to look for a new match.

Inner Circle expects a whopping 190 percent increase in the number of messages sent between singletons today, as well as a 50 percent increase in sign-ups from romantic hopefuls.

David Vermeulen, CEO and founder of Inner Circle, said: “Everyone wants the new year to be better than their last. For most singles, a better year means better dates.

“It doesn’t matter whether people are looking for a quick fling, a pandemic pal or something more serious, they want to leave the bad dates in 2021.

“Singles aren’t just hopeful for the new year, they’re also just coming out of a Christmas spent locked away with their families.”

If you’re new to the world of dating apps, there are certain no-nos to avoid when setting up your profile, such as listing your ‘turn-offs’.

There are some faux pas daters make when setting up their profiles that discourage potential love matches – so what tips can improve your dating profile?

Four tips to improve your dating profile

Be positive

Don’t focus on what you don’t want in your profile, write what you are looking for and what you are passionate about.

Mr Vermeulen said: “Daters do better when they’re positive. Singles who talk about what they don’t want get around half as many matches as the ones that talk about what they do.

“‘No Tories’ for instance, results in 92 percent fewer matches.”

Log on between 8pm and 10pm

Data from Inner Circle shows Sundays are the busiest day of the week for dating app activity, and particularly between the hours of 8pm and 10pm.

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Use recent and solo pictures

Prospective partners are going to want to know what you look like, so avoid group shots, and make sure your picture is up-to-date.

Have a good opening line

If you match with someone and want to strike up a conversation with them, sending a quick “hey how are you?” isn’t going to help you stand out from the crowd.

Think of an interesting conversation starter and get the chat off to a flying start.

Asking someone about their favourite food, holiday destination or their secret talent will make for a much more interesting conversation.

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