Daily horoscope for October 4: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for October 4: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Sunday’s horoscope finds the Moon remains in Taurus, where it Conjuncts Uranus, also in Taurus. A Conjunction is best thought of as being an occasion when cosmic bodies travel towards one another in the zodiac.

And by being focussed on the physical, such as beauty and money, great things will emerge.

You should keep your goals in your mind’s eye on Sunday

Astrologer Gregory Scott

The Moon also forms a Trine with Jupiter in Capricorn.

Trines are considered to be more of a positive aspect, where two celestial bodies are seen to be 120 degrees apart.

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott said: “Good luck is in the mix this Sunday.”

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The Moon also forms a Sextile with Neptune in Pisces.

The Sextile is a slightly different aspect, as it is formed when planets are two signs or 60 degrees distant.

Mr Scott thinks, as a result, you should continue to manifest what you wish to achieve.

He said: “You should keep your goals in your mind’s eye on Sunday.

“This is because there is a real chance of attaining these goals over the weekend.”

The Moon also opposes Mercury in Scorpio as the day starts to wane.

An Opposition is thought to take place when cosmic bodies sit directly across the Zodiac.

There is, therefore, a feeling of security and comfort versus competing feelings.

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There is consequently an ability to control both the emotional and physical realms.

Mr Scott said: “You can really start to feel in charge of things.”

Another important astrological occurrence sees distant platelet Pluto finally turns Direct.

Mr Scott said: “Pluto, the planet of transformation, seems to be moving forward.

“So you can really affect great change in your life at this time by taking physical and practical action.

“There is a great sense of peace and serenity and just being at comfort and at ease with yourself and other people.

“There is also a tangible sense of sensuality and appreciation for beauty floating around.

“Dreams really can come true and love and intimacy are real things.

These can be experienced this Sunday, which can really be a life-changing event.”

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