Daily horoscope for August 24: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for August 24: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Monday’s horoscope finds Mars creating a Square with Saturn in Capricorn. A Square in astrology is a 90-degree alignment between two planets.

This is an aspect capable of revealing the tension, obstacles and challenges in your life that reflect the planets involved.

Astrologers agree today’s combination is conducive for getting down to work.

There is a constant struggle between what you want and your commitments when those two planets clash.

As a result, today is the time to show some discipline.

It takes patience and strategy to achieve your goals.

Mars in Aries will turn retrograde in two weeks and tensions are already on the rise.

The atmosphere felt rather explosive in August but now it is the turn of the ringed planet Saturn.

Saturn in Capricorn is having a profound effect on Mars at the beginning of another working week.

As Mars and Saturn Square, it forms an impression there are no quick and easy solutions.

Monday is an ideal opportunity to take a hardline approach to your problems.

The red planet Mars is about to go undercover and tensions will continue to simmer for at least another next six months.

Consequently, there are no quick fixes, whatever you are facing.

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However, you can expect to take some baby steps in the right direction.

The Scorpio Moon is also making its mark this Monday.

Then as the Moon harmonises with Neptune, Jupiter and Venus, they strengthen your resolve to continue.

The Scorpio Moon is known in astrological circles for taking hardline approaches and will not stand for pleasantries.

As the Moon Opposes Uranus in the morning, tensions rise.

Fortunately, only harmonious aspects are in play for the rest of the day.

Then, as the Moon harmonises with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, a significant current of love, romance and solidarity builds around you.

This relationship could transform you, as shared values, dreams and goals are able to bind all of us.

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