Couple save on stunning bathroom transformation with YouTube DIY tutorials

Couple save on stunning bathroom transformation with YouTube DIY tutorials

A couple has transformed their tired-looking wood panelled bathroom for just £2,300 by teaching themselves DIY skills using YouTube.

Lucy Young, 39 and her husband, Leon Young, 44, live with their three-year-old daughter, Florence, in their 1860s four-bedroom home in North Shropshire.

The pair felt their property was old and outdated and wanted to transform it into a comfortable and tranquil living space for their family.

They started the main bathroom in December 2019 – but decided to do the work themselves in order to save on costs.

Although they had limited DIY skills, they used online tutorials to do all the work.

Lucy said: ‘YouTube was my go-to! We can pretty much do anything these days with a well-filmed “how to” video and a “can do” attitude.

‘I think for anyone brave enough to give it a go themselves, do it! You’ll very likely surprise yourself with the outcome.

‘There is loads of great content out there for people wanting to tackle jobs themselves.’

They purchased plumbing materials and a bath suite from Victoria Plumbing, tiles from B&Q, flooring from For The Floor And More, and a brand new vanity unit from Ikea.

First, Leon redid all the plumbing in the bathroom to create more space for the new bath unit.

They did run into some unexpected problems – like plasterboard and tiles falling off the bathroom walls – so Leon had to lay bricks and install new plasterboards on both the walls and the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Lucy was left in charge of decorating the bathroom, scouring through dozens more YouTube videos for inspiration.

She purchased a mirror from Made, art prints from Fy and lighting from Dowsing and Reynolds.

Leon installed the electrics in the bathroom before painting, adding radiators and lighting in line with Lucy’s maximalist vision for the space.

They also fitted bold printed vinyl flooring which was slightly cushioned, to make it safer for Florence and nicer to walk on.

Lucy said: ‘I’d originally wanted to go more traditional in this room and have a free-standing bath, but we soon realised we might not get the overall effect with it being such a small space, so we decided we’d go modern.

‘The one thing I knew we should have was black tapware.

‘We also knew we wanted to be bolder with colour in here, which started with making a decision to go for a boldly printed vinyl floor.

‘Primarily it was because there would be cushioned underfoot, so it is warmer and softer if my daughter fell or slipped, and secondly, we could change it easily enough if we decided we wanted to do something different again.’

The mum-of-one says they went for white tiles as ‘the safe option’ and to keep the room ‘as airy as possible’.

What they spent

  • Bath – £179.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Bath Trap – £4.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Shower Screen – £139.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Thermostatic Shower – £199.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Basin Mixer Tap – £59.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Bath Mixer Tap – £99.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Waste – £29.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Overflow Waste – £44.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Overflow Waste – £34.95 – Victorian Plumbing
  • Toilet – £171.95 – Heat & Plumb
  • Sink and Unit – £209.00 – Ikea
  • Vinyl Flooring – £138.00 – For The Floor And More
  • Marine Ply for floor – £30.00 – Cadstones Wood Yard
  • Tiles – £270.00 – B&Q
  • Tile Edging – £10.00 – B&Q
  • Towel Radiator – £85.00 – Amazon
  • Radiator Valves – £29.95 – Amazon
  • Concealed Access Panel (hide the pipes) – £106.00 – Amazon
  • Pendants x2 – £94.00 – Wayfair
  • Paint – £50.00 – Little Greene
  • Pull Cord – £33.00 – Dowsing & Reynolds
  • Mirror – £120.00 –
  • Bamboo ladder towel holder – £30.00 – Black Velvet Studio
  • Oak Shelving & Side panel – £125.00 – B&Q

TOTAL: £2,296.45

‘This way the tiles wouldn’t date too quickly, and we could change up the look easily enough with a lick of paint and new floor, should we need to,’ added Lucy.

The entire bathroom renovation took the couple nearly a year to complete and came in at a total of £2,300 – but they could not be happier with the final result.

Lucy said: ‘We had a one-year-old child at the time, and Leon didn’t want to spend every spare weekend on the bathroom so we prioritised family time over speedily finishing the project.

‘We were fortunate we had two other bathrooms available to use during the renovation.’

When it comes to advice, Lucy believes spending time figuring everything out before you get started on a task is important.

She said: ‘I researched a lot, probably too much sometimes, but I think it’s important to make sure you know what you want, or more often in my case, what I don’t want!

‘And then talk it through with your partner or parents or whoever is helping you do the work, you can come up with great solutions when you share ideas.’

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