Cool gran tries to keep up with grandkids – but gets stuck in playground tunnel

Cool gran tries to keep up with grandkids – but gets stuck in playground tunnel

A grandma trying to keeping up with her grandkids has ended up getting stuck in a tunnel in the playground.

The hilarious incident happened when Donna Turner, took her children to the park with her mum.

The "cool gran", Tina, decided to join the kids during playtime at Robin Hill, Isle of Wight.

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In a video posted on TikTok, Tina is seen in a long leopard print tunic as she tries to shimmy her way through the wire tunnel.

Spotted beneath the treehouse, she adjusts her clothing while moving slowly forward to go under the wooden plank.

"Just put your head forward," Donna tells her mum, who struggles to move around.

But she jokingly replies: "I can't, I'm too fat to get around."

Luckily, Tina's adult son come to her rescue and used his feet to "push her out" – telling the granny how to turn herself over and get out of the tunnel.

But she said she couldn't.

People at the park started to notice and turned to watch Tina trying to break free from the tunnel.

Some even cheered at her: "Come on Tina!"

At the end of the video, the gran managed to find her way out.

Viewers called the incident an "American funniest video-worthy" – with one saying: "Oh my God, I can't breathe watching this."

"Tina certainly tried her best," a second wrote.

And a third shared: "Bless her! I bet she was glad she put her modesty shorts on under her dress."

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One asked: "Why didn't she go back the way she came?"

To that, Donna explained there was a queue of children waiting behind her mum.

She also added that there's "no part two" in the story, saying: "I got bored of waiting and left her there."


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