Colin The Caterpillar & 8 More Iconic M&S Treats You Can Now Get On Ocado

Colin The Caterpillar & 8 More Iconic M&S Treats You Can Now Get On Ocado

Stop everything. You can now get Percy Pigs delivered to your front door.

It doesn’t matter how often you shop there, there are some products that just scream Marks and Spencer. Percy Pig sweets have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1992. Now you can pick up variants of Percy and all his pals. Colin the caterpillar cakes are another treat well worth a trip to M&S. And you might be about to see a lot more of your favourite pink, gummy sweet as Marks and Spencer has teamed up with Ocado and here’s some of their most iconic products you’ll be able to order straight to your door.

The collab could mean big changes if you’re a fan of M&S treats. You’ll now be able to buy 6,000 M&S food items alongside Ocado produce. These include some of the treats that appeared at every BBQ, long car ride, or tasty dinner in as you were growing up. You might be able to get a birthday cake from any supermarket but few stand up to the magnificence of Colin the caterpillar. And to honour the collaboration Ocado has had a serious makeover of some of their vans. If you choose to indulge in some of these legendary items they may be delivered to your house in a van decorated with Percy pigs.

It’d be completely remiss to draw up a list of M&S’ most legendary products and not include Percy Pigs. The pink, fruity gummies have one of the most fanbases out there and if you’ve got a craving, you can now order the original Percy Pigs as well as all of the variations on Ocado. This includes pigtails, Percy and Pals, Penny Pigs, and their veggie equivalents.

Did you even have a birthday if Colin wasn’t present? Now securing an appearance from this icon at your party is even easier as the caterpillar cake is available on Ocado. And, if you’re a fan of his female equivalent, Connie the caterpillar, she’s on there too.

There’s no denying that M&S do some epic treats. And when you fancy something small and sweet, a walnut whip always hits the spot. The classic walnut whip is a hard chocolate case filled with marshmallow with a walnut on top. It’s only £1.50 for a pack of three and you can order them straight to your door.

M&S food have been praised for their Plant Kitchen selection, which offers delicious veggie alternatives to classic comfort foods. Their Plant Kitchen chicken kievs are totally vegan and totally delicious.

Whether you’re going for a picnic, have a long drive ahead, or just fancy something special for lunch then the pulled pork sausage rolls from M&S will defintiely hit the spot. The pastry is super flaky and filled with bacon and pulled pork shoulder. It also has BBQ sauce and paprika flakes on top. Legendary for a reason.

The buttermilk chicken tenders from M&S are succulent chicken breasts covered in a buttermilk crumb and only take 25 minutes to cook. Perfect for a lazy evening in.

When you’re in the mood for a treat then you can’t go far wrong with a croissant. While pre-prepared pastries are great, M&S go one step further with their ready-to-bake croissants, meaning you can customise them to your ideal crispiness level. Coming in a pack of eight, M&S have done all the hard work in forming and packaging these all butter croissants. You simply keep them in the fridge and put them straight in the oven when you want them.

A movie night or picnic wouldn’t be the same without some M&S cheese twists. These decadent puff pastry twists with Gruyère cheese definitely feel like a treat but are the perfect as a snack. You can also heat them up in the oven.

This decadent snack is little pieces of manchego cheese wrapped in salty serrano ham. Show up with a pack of these at any party and you’re golden.

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