Chrissy Teigen: John Legend was 'uncomfortable' with miscarriage pics

Chrissy Teigen: John Legend was 'uncomfortable' with miscarriage pics

Chrissy Teigen says John Legend was ‘very uncomfortable’ taking photos of her miscarriage – as he praises her for being ‘courageous enough’ to share her grief, insisting it has made them ‘stronger than ever’ as a couple

  • Chrissy, 34, lost her baby boy on September 30, when she was 20 weeks into her pregnancy, after suffering a month of bleeding from a weak placenta 
  • The couple chose to share a series of heartbreaking black-and-white images taken in the hospital, one of which showed Chrissy sobbing 
  • In another image, John, 41, and Chrissy are seen cradling their son’s body 
  • Chrissy and John spoke to GMA about the decision to share the images, saying they wanted to support others who have been through similar losses  
  • John admitted he was ‘worried’ about taking photos and ‘commemorating the pain’, but said it was important to have something to remember their son by
  • The couple had decided to call their unborn child Jack, and have been open about the grieving process on social media since suffering the miscarriage 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have opened up about their decision to share intimate and heartbreaking images of their miscarriage – with the 34-year-old mom admitting her husband was ‘uncomfortable’ taking such gut-wrenching photos of her ‘complete and utter grief’. 

The model and writer lost her unborn baby boy – whom the couple had decided to name Jack – on September 30, after suffering a month of bleeding as a result of a weak placenta. 

Hours after losing their baby, both Chrissy and John, 41, shared a series of black-and-white photos from the hospital on social media. And while the singer admits he was ‘worried’ about documenting such an agonizing moment, he praised his wife’s ‘courage’, noting that their decision to speak out so publicly ‘meant so much to so many people’. 

Grieving: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have opened up about their ‘painful’ miscarriage, with the 34-year-old cookbook author revealing she still feels ‘complete and utter grief’ 

Coming together: The couple said that the support and love of their fans helped them to get through the heartbreaking experience – which has also strengthened their bond as a family

‘I didn’t know that we could experience this grief and also share it, but when we did, it really meant so much to so many people and it was such a powerful experience for me to learn that, and I’m just grateful that my wife was courageous enough to do it,’ John explained in an interview with GMA’s Michael Strahan. 

John took many of the images shared in their social media posts, one of which shows Chrissy sobbing while sitting in her hospital bed. Another captures the devastated couple cradling their baby’s body.

And while the singer admittedly found the experience of taking the photos difficult, he explained that he is now grateful they have something to remember their son Jack by.  

‘[Chrissy] felt like, really, one of the ways we would carry on Jack’s memory was [to] take pictures of that moment,’ he said.

‘I was worried, I was like, I don’t want to commemorate this pain. But the crazy thing about having a miscarriage is you don’t walk away with anything, you have this emptiness, and we wanted to take the photos so we had something to remember him by.’

Chrissy hit out at critics of the photos, insisting that she ‘doesn’t care’ about anyone who was ‘offended or disgusted’ by them because they were only ever intended to provide comfort to others who have experienced a similar loss. 

‘I don’t care if you were offended or disgusted. I understand it could be that way for people, [but] it’s designed for the people that were hurting,’ she said, despite noting that ‘John was very uncomfortable taking them’. 

Although Chrissy says she is still experiencing ‘complete and utter grief’ in the wake of the couple’s loss, she praised all of the people who have shared words of support and love, revealing that she has been sent ‘thousands of letters’ from fans since her miscarriage. 

‘I definitely give myself permission to have complete and utter grief. Every day is so different so when people ask me how I’m doing, I’m like, I’m OK… today,’ she said. 

‘I have thousands of letters written to me, and obviously it’s so painful to go through something like this as a woman, something that was inside your body that you were nurturing and taking care of, but obviously there’s a father involved and the support for the both of us has just been so beautiful, so incredible.’

She added that the experience has helped to renew her faith in people’s kindness, enabling her to see that ‘the world is inherently good’. 

‘And as hard as it is beautiful to see this side of it,’ she said. 

The heart-wrenching experience has also helped to bring the couple – who married in 2013 – closer together, as well as helping to strengthen their bond with their two children, Miles, two, and Luna, four.

‘I just know that I love my wife more than ever,’ John said. ‘We’ve been through so many challenges together and they’ve made us strong, and I know that doesn’t always happen when people go through tragedy. 

Bond: The singer, pictured with Chrissy and their kids earlier this month, said that the grief of their miscarriage has helped to bring their family closer than ever 

Helpful: Chrissy praising her children for bringing the couple ‘so much joy every single day and so much adventure every day’

‘But I feel like the challenges we’ve faced together have made us feel even more sure about who we are together as a couple and who we are as a family. 

‘And [it has made us feel sure] that when we commit to be together forever, we really hold that promise to heart and we take it seriously, and I feel like we’re stronger together than we have ever been.’ 

The couple says their children, Miles and Luna, have also been a source of great comfort during this difficult time, with Chrissy praising the youngsters for bringing them ‘so much joy every single day and so much adventure every day’. 

‘We’ve always loved a very lively household, [and] it might be more lively than ever these days,’ she explained, revealing that her kids’ laughter has helped to give her the motivation to get out of bed, even on days when she didn’t want to.

‘You don’t want to be stuck in bed when you hear the laughter downstairs, and it helps so much,’ she added.  

In the wake of their devastating loss, Chrissy and John have now partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities, an initiative that works with families who have sick children, ensuring that they can remain together throughout treatment without having to worry about astronomical medical bills. 

‘As long as you care for children, there’s nothing else you need to do aside from be a part of this initiative because this is bipartisan,’ Chrissy said of their decision to team up with the charity. ‘Loving your children and wanting the best for your children and wanting to keep families together for us is insanely important.

Work: Chrissy and John have now partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities to raise money for the initiative, which helps families who have sick children 

Lesson: The couple are encouraging people to take part in a new #HereForRMHC campaign by sharing an image of themselves making the heart hands symbol along with the hashtag

‘What they’re doing is so incredible and so beautiful, and honestly this is probably one of the most proud things I’ve been apart of. I’m really proud to support.’

John chimed in: ‘You know you’ve seen this year with COVID especially, people need their families close to them when they’re going through an illness and a lot of families can’t afford to be there.’

The pair are promoting a new social media campaign that is helping to raise money for the charity with the help of McDonald’s, which has pledged $100 million to Ronald McDonald House Charities over the next five years. 

As part of the latest fundraiser, social media users are being encouraged to share images of themselves doing the RMHC heart symbol with their hands, along with the hashtag #HereForRMHC. For every photo posted as part of the initiative, McDonald’s will donate $100. 

‘McDonald’s is committing $100 million over the next five years to support Ronald McDonald House Charities and we want to involve everyone in that,’ John explained, while demonstrating the RMHC heart sign. 

‘So McDonald’s is going to donate the money, but if you want to participate and have $100 donated in your name, you can hashtag #hereforRMHC and give us heart hands.’

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