Cat acts as perfect model to help grandfather teach son how to bathe his baby

Cat acts as perfect model to help grandfather teach son how to bathe his baby

When you’re a new parent, it can be tricky to figure out how to do all the parts of parenting that seem oh so simple.

Thankfully our grandparents are often around to help… even if their methods are a little unconventional.

That’s definitely the case for father-to-be Vinh Quang Pham, who visited his parents’ home with pregnant wife in Hanoi, Vietnam.

After having dinner, Vinh sat down for a chat with his dad, soon-to-be-grandfather, Pham Tuan Vinh, and asked for his guidance on how to take care of his son.

The proud grandfather got straight into his tutorial, using the family cat, Laclac, as a model.

Pham gently held the cat like a baby and placed it over the basin, to show exactly how to clean a newborn.

The old man also gave tips on how to wash the baby’s face and told his son to do it before putting the infant to bed – all as Laclac stayed perfectly still and didn’t make any fuss.

Once the demonstration was all done, Laclac allowed the two men to finish talking before quietly walking back to its sleeping mat and having a snooze.

Laclac stayed perfectly still for the demonstration – like an experienced model patiently helping with the lecture.

Don’t worry – Pham didn’t actually use any water, so Laclac didn’t get wet.

The cat also adorably let them finish off talking before returning to its sleeping mat silently while the adults continued on with their conversation.

Vinh said: ‘My wife’s pregnant with our first child and being a new parent is not easy, so I was lucky that my parents are there to guide us.

‘Even their pet cat Laclac helped.’

We can always count on our parents to help us out. And our cats.

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