Can YOU spot the sniper in this snowy landscape?

Can YOU spot the sniper in this snowy landscape?

You have the eyes of a marksman if you can spot the sniper hiding in this snowy landscape – but how quickly can YOU spot them?

  • Simon Menner, from Germany, has been photographing snipers since 2010
  • Last year, he travelled to Lithuania and Latvia to continue his famous series
  • Photographer says he finds people’s reaction to his work ‘fascinating’ 
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Razor-sharp focus, capable of dealing with stress and the ability to disguise themselves from the enemy – these are just a few of the qualities a sniper needs to have.

But most importantly, any top-tier marksman needs to be able to pick out their target in a matter of seconds.

Since 2010, photographer Simon Menner, from Germany, has been photographing army snipers hiding in various deserted landscapes.

Last year, the photographer travelled to Lithuania to capture their army shooters in action – but can YOU spot the one disguised in this snowy landscape below?

Simon Menner travelled to Lithuania last year where he captured this picture of a sniper hiding in plain sight – so can YOU spot the marksman within the snowy scene?

In a previous interview with Wired, Simon said he enjoyed challenging art fans with this his work.

He said: ‘They look for the sniper and think they found them, but then begin to question themselves. I find that fascinating.’ 

At first glance, some might think the forest environment would be the perfect setting to camouflage themselves. 

But if you’re struggling to spot them, it’s worth taking a closer look at the deserted building.

The sniper was disguised on the second floor of the abandoned building 

Holed up on the second floor, the sniper can be seen looking directly at the camera from window directly above the front door. 

Although he’s been photographing snipers for over a decade, Simon says he still struggles to find them in his own images.

He added: ‘I like this project because the key aspect of the photos isn’t visible.’ 

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