Brits debate what lives on top shelf in fridge – and many think its cheese

Brits debate what lives on top shelf in fridge – and many think its cheese

Brits have got stuck into a serious debate – and no, it’s not about politics.

Not everyone has the same opinion which means from time to time people will strongly disagree on certain topics, like what items belong on the top shelf of the fridge.

And, it certainly has divided British Reddit users.

One user on the online social forum shared that they often store their cheese on the long shelf that is connected to the inside of the fridge door.

However, they questioned their choice when their dad came to visit and said that eggs should be stored here instead.

They explained: “What you guys putting in here?”

The baffled Reddit user posted a snap of their full fridge with a selection of cheeses placed on the top shelf.

“My dad says it's for egg and not cheese and tried to get me to change it when they visited,” the user shared.

However, many Reddit users do not think that cheese and egg are strictly the only contenders for the top shelf.

One user reckoned: “Is it really for anything? I just put random small things in there. Sometimes it's half a cucumber, sometimes some cheese…”

A second shared: “It’s for all my leftover sauce pots from takeaways.”

This user noted: “Just whatever leftover shite will fit there and doesn't fall out when you open the fridge. Old sauce jars or tomato puree.”

And, a fourth person penned: “Cheese, and tubes of tomato purée.”

Despite the array of suggestions, many people felt that butter is supposed to live on the shelf – as it is its designated compartment.

One person commented: “Yep they are both wrong. That's a butter drawer. I've never seen one the entire width of the door though but nonetheless; it's a butter drawer.”

Another user added: “Mine currently holds some butter and a wee bottle of lemon juice.”

Whilst a third person declared: “Butter!.”

Someone else expressed: “I always use it for butter.”

Let us know in the comments what you think belongs in the controversial fridge compartment!

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