Bloke with giant penis calls it gift from God and has slept with 1,000 women

Bloke with giant penis calls it gift from God and has slept with 1,000 women
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    A porn star who claims to be the owner of Ireland's biggest penis spoke about his "God's gift".

    Andy Lee, 34, recently unleashed his 10.5inch penis on Channel 4's My Massive C**k which aired on Monday night.

    The Dublin lad quit his job as a plumber to become a porn star – and the rest is history.

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    He told the Irish Mirror: "I love having a massive one. I am the most Googled Irish porn star in the world."

    "Some men on the show cried about how it negatively affects their lives – but it's only brought me fame and fortune."

    The only thing which bothers Andy is that he can't wear budgie smugglers at the beach or post snaps in tight shorts.

    He bragged many people tried to watch the show online but the website had "crashed" as he "broke the internet".

    Andy added: "I came from nothing. I grew up in Dublin's north inner city with no money and now I live a luxury lifestyle thanks to porn and I have OnlyFans.

    "I want to go on the Late Late Show. I was a young Catholic boy from Sheriff Street with nothing and now I am famous for my huge c***.

    "When I launched a TikTok account, I was contacted a lot by Irish men and women. Some wanted to get into the industry and some wanted sex with me I've been with over 1,000 women."

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    Andy moved to Australia in 2008 and then to London in 2010 when a chance encounter with a stranger at the gym changed his life.

    He claimed: "A fella just said that I have a really big c*** and that I should go into porn, so I did. I was 21.

    "I did some solo videos for a while, but I gave it up to become a gas engineer and plumber. However, my work found out and I left.

    "I've been doing porn full-time ever since. I now make porn videos with men and women, but I'm not gay. It's just for money."

    Although Andy has relatives who know about his job, some of them got grief back in Dublin.

    He continued: "My size has benefited my life. Others complain about theirs but mine has made me a success story.

    "My big d*** is a gift from God. I film every day and make a lot of money.

    "I won't say how much exactly but I'll tell you that OnlyFans can pay £10,000 a week."

    Andy spoke about his schlong on Channel 4's My Massive C**k where one lad lost a job as an interviewer thought he had an erection.

    Another claimed he became lightheaded when he got an erection.

    But Jonah Falcon who has the "world's largest penis" told how he can't wear tight clothes due to his bulge.

    My Massive C*** aired at 10pm on Monday on Channel 4.

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