Bin collectors surprise favourite customer with 100th birthday cake

Bin collectors surprise favourite customer with 100th birthday cake

Touching moment binmen surprise their favourite customer with a 100th birthday cake – leaving her crying tears of joy

  • Mercy, 100, celebrated her incredible milestone with help of her bin collectors
  • She looked stunned when she opened the door to them singing ‘happy birthday’
  • They urged her to make a wish and blew the candles out on the cake they had lit 
  • They joked she could ‘live until 105’ as she laughed and told them to ‘shut up’

A woman who reached the incredible milestone of 100 was surprised with a birthday cake from her bin collectors.

The group of men in an unknown UK town, filmed themselves singing ‘happy birthday’ to their favourite customer as they knocked on the door.

The pensioner, who they called Mercy, was stunned at the act of kindness and cried tears of joy at the sight of the work men stood on her doorstep.

They urged her to blow out the candles and make a wish, jokingly adding ‘to live until 105’, as she chuckled and brushed them off. 

The 100-year-old woman known as Mercy wept tears of joy at the act of kindness from the bin collectors who surprised her with a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday

The bin collectors arrived on the doorstep of Mercy with a cake lit with candles. They urged her to blow out the candles and make a wish

The video was shared on Reddit by user Boldstyle1, which showed the bin collectors in their hi-visibility jackets carefully lighting the candles on the pink cake.

They rang the doorbell and patiently waited for Mercy to appear while singing to her.

Clearly taken aback by the gesture, the 100-year-old woman was speechless as she put her head in her hands while balancing on her walking stick.

They cheered and clapped and presented the cake for her to blow out, asking her if she was ‘alright’ over the sudden shock. 

The heartwarming moment was too much for some users on the Reddit thread ‘HumansBeingBros’ as they confessed it had made them tear up.

The bin collectors had carefully walked up the garden path of their favourite customer with a pink birthday cake 

They sang happy birthday as they waited for the stunned pensioner to answer the door in the heartwarming moment

‘I’m not crying you’re crying,’ said one.

‘I am crying,’ added another, as another said, ‘I’m at work and this almost made me shed a tear. Good lord this so precious.’

Others praised the selfless act of the bin collectors: ‘Awesome bros! Wish more people would be like this. So many elderly people alone wanting nothing more than a little company and attention. ‘

‘This is honestly one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen. 

I used to work in a retirement home and there’s nothing more special than seeing the residents be surprised and happy by nice gestures. We don’t tend to think about it a lot, but old age can be very hard for a lot of people and I’d imagine this really helped brighten up her day.’

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