Biggest Names In UK Broadcasting Back Year-Long Mental Health Campaign From Film & TV Charity

Biggest Names In UK Broadcasting Back Year-Long Mental Health Campaign From Film & TV Charity

The leading UK Film & TV Charity has launched a 12-month campaign to tackle mental health challenges facing the industry, almost two years after a shock survey found nine-in-10 screen sector workers had experienced mental health issues.

The Let’s Reset campaign has been backed by the biggest names in the UK sector such as Banijay UK CEO Lucinda Hicks, BBC chief content officer Charlotte Moore, ITV CEO Carolyn McCall and ViacomCBS UK programming chief Ben Frow.

The campaign aims to show individuals working in TV and film that the commitment to improving the industry’s woeful mental health and wellbeing record comes from the top down, directly addressing the underlying causes of mental health, encouraging discussion and challenging people’s preconceptions.

It calls on those in positions of power to act, effect change and commit to better ways of working and will clearly signpost mental health support, with the work of the likes of BAFTA, the BFI and broadcasting union BECTU highlighted.

The charity’s shock 2020 Looking Glass Survey found that almost nine-in-10 behind-the-camera TV workers had experienced a mental health problem, and carried the similarly damning statistic that more than half had considered suicide.

An update to Looking Glass conducted this summer found a 20% increase in the number of people feeling that the intensity of work is having a negative effect on their mental health, while only 10% believed the UK industry is a ‘mentally healthy’ place to work.

“People in the film and TV industry are passionate about their craft, but their mental health is too often being strained to breaking point,” said Alex Pumfrey, the charity’s CEO.

“Unhealthy working hours, bad practices, bullying, racism, harassment and ableism are too common in an industry we all love, and all of us have a role to play in speaking up to create change.”

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