Becoming Percy Jackson: How Logan Lermans Became A Hollywood Star

Becoming Percy Jackson: How Logan Lermans Became A Hollywood Star

Coming from a family background of medical professionals, Logan Lerman always found acting as an escape from things around him and pursued the path. He began performing from a young age and starred in commercials before landing roles in independent films. His commercial work began in the 1990s, and Lerman achieved commercial success and popularity after his role in the Percy Jackson series. Lerman went on to star in a series of arthouse productions that earned him critical acclaim. Over the years, the actor has also donned the producer hat and taken a behind-the-scenes role for projects. He has amassed an $8 million net worth from his movies and television shows.

Logan Lerman began his career as a child star who wanted to act to get away from school but ended up being passionate about the field and establishing himself as a talented actor. From his gripping performance in Percy Jackson to heartbreak in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, let’s take a peek at Logan Lerman’s success story.

A Talented Child Actor


Born in Beverly Hills, California, Logan Lerman comes from a family of medical professionals, wherein his father was an orthopedist and ran a long-established family business. While attending his school, Lerman would also audition for shows and commercials. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he began acting as a child and just as a way to get out of school or study. After working in a series of commercials, Lerman landed a role in a historical war film, The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson, where he was the lead character’s son. The actor later admitted that he did not understand the magnitude of pressure that comes with acting and didn’t enjoy the experience.

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Three years later, he portrayed a supporting character of a nine-year-old boy in A Painted House, a made-for-television film that received rave reviews. Lerman’s performance was also singled-out, describing him as a young actor with potential. Additionally, he also received an award for Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor. A year later, he appeared in The Butterfly Effect. The sci-fi thriller focuses on Evan Treborn, who suffers blackouts while navigating his life and receives flashbacks, as noted by IMDB. Lerman played the role of young Evan Treborn in the film.

The World Of Fantasy


Logan Lerman’s fun for acting soon turned into his passion for filmmaking as the then 12-year-old decided to pursue acting as a profession. He played a titular role in the drama television series Jack & Bobby, which earned him another Best Young Artist nomination. His work in various projects continued to impress audiences and earn him critical acclaim. Some of his notable projects include Meet Bill, 3:10 To Yuma, The Number 23, and Gamer. The comedy Meet Bill even premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Lerman was again appreciated for portraying confidence on the screen.

2009 was a big year for Logan Lerman as he was cast as Percy Jackson for its film series. Based on Rick Riordan’s novel series, the rights for the film were adapted in 2004, but production didn’t begin until 2009. A year later, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was released in theaters, making Logan Lerman a global superstar. It collected over $226.4 million in worldwide theaters. As mentioned by L’Officiel USA, it was the first significant role in the series wherein Jackson discovers he is the son of a Greek god.

A Man Of Many Talents


Logan Lerman starred in the follow-up sequel to the series as the titular character in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The actor also bagged another significant role alongside Emma Watson in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. The coming-of-age drama sees Lerman in the lead role as Charlie. As stated by Screen Rant, the character is suicidal, depressed, and alone while learning to grow up during high school. The film is considered one of his career-best performances and earned him several award nominations for the role.

In 2016, Logan Lerman ventured into film production, and along with his work collaborator Jonathan Schwartz, the duo backed-up various projects. Along with starring in The Adventures Of Sidney Hall and Indignation, he served as an executive producer for the movies. He ventured into voice acting with Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero and became a sole producer for the 2022 romance drama Press Play.

While Logan Lerman began his career as a fun escape as a child actor, the actor went on to find passion in his work and build his career through interesting roles that challenged him. He has continued to work in movies and television and was last seen starring in the 2022 action/thriller Bullet Train.

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