Bargain hunters reveal how you can find the cheapest petrol in your area as prices reach record highs

Bargain hunters reveal how you can find the cheapest petrol in your area as prices reach record highs

BARGAIN hunters have revealed how you can find the cheapest petrol in your area by doing a simple check.

Petrol prices have hit a new record high due to the Ukraine crisis, adding to the ongoing squeeze on household budgets.

As the average cost of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts climbed to 152.20p last week, many drivers are looking for ways to cut down on their fuel costs – including how they can find the cheapest petrol station nearby.

One savvy shopper from the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group shared how she managed to do that.

She said: "Okay seen this online thought it might help a few people out.

"If you go onto and type in your postcode it’ll give you the cheapest fuel prices in your area."

The website will also show how much you could save by filling up at the cheapest station and when the price was last updated.

One user commented: "The apps are only as good as the user makes them. People need to update the prices on there to help others!"

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"Would be great if they updated daily every hour. Prices have soared since last updated," said another.

It's worth noting that you have just one search per day as a guest user but 20 per week when you register, which is free to do.

While you don't want to drive for miles to get fuel, it can save you lots of money if you manage to find the cheapest station in your area.

Similarly, website allows you to do 20 free searches on petrol stations near you to see who has the best rates.

This could save an average of £226 on petrol or £158 on diesel every year, according to the RAC.

We found differences of around 2p per litre in our search.

The website says it displays the most up-to-date figures across around 8,500 forecourts in the UK, although it is always worth checking locally as prices do change.

Another fuel price tool by Fleet News and Allstar allows you to check rates across the counties – so you can see how your region compares to the UK average.

Other ways to save on petrol costs include fuel discount promotions, particularly from supermarkets.

For example, earlier this month Morrisons offered customers 7p off every litre of fuel if they spent £40 in store.

These offers don't tend to hang around for long though, so you need to take advantage quickly if you see one.

In addition, various stations offer fuel loyalty cards, which can help you save on the cost of filling up.

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