Baby Raccoon Takes First Steps Thanks to Custom Wheelchair

Baby Raccoon Takes First Steps Thanks to Custom Wheelchair

Vittles is vrooming now!

Up until recently, the baby raccoon was unable to walk because of a traumatic brain injury. According to Walkin’ Pets by, Vittles was saved from a sad end in the wild thanks to wildlife rehab specialist Susan Curtis, who is especially gifted at helping bats and raccoons in the state of Arkansas.

While the source of Vittles’ trauma was unclear, it was clear to Cutis that the baby raccoon could not survive on her own in the wild. Because of her injury, Vittles is unable to support herself on all fours and cannot walk without assistance.

Worried that the raccoon would be deprived of all mobility, Curtis partnered with Walkin’ Pets to work on a custom wheelchair for Vittles, so the raccoon could enjoy life at her own speed.

Curtis and Walkin’ Pets worked together to create the first Walkin’ Wheel Raccoon Wheelchair. The four-wheel wheelchair allows Vittles to work on her balance issues and gives her the support she needs to start walking on her own.

Vittles will likely always have some trouble getting around, but this wheelchair offers her the chance to grow her mobility by developing the muscles she needs to stabilize and maneuver her own body.

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“She is such a happy little spirit with so much go! This baby wants to live and thrive,” Curtis told Walkin’ Pets.

Now that she has taken her first steps, as seen in the adorable video above, Vittles is working up enough strength to be able to visit local Arkansas schools as part of the state’s education program.

Walkin’ Pets has spent the past 19 years making moments like the one above possible for animals with special needs, helping dogs, ducks, cats goats and more gain mobility through custom-designed products.


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