Babestation bombshell to stream naked for 24 hours if England win World Cup

Babestation bombshell to stream naked for 24 hours if England win World Cup

A Babestation beauty made a racy promise days after a Brazilian babe offered to console sad England fans with free nudes if her beloved Brazil won the World Cup.

But Amber Paige has gone one further by vowing to stream naked for 24 hours if the Three Lions beat the South American favourites to the famous trophy.

The gorgeous brunette is a former hospitality manager who joined Babestation while on furlough.

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And although she has pledged to pleasure randy blokes for 24 hours straight, she doubts Gareth Southgates' men will go all the way.

Speaking with the Daily Star, the 22-year-old said: “I want to do a 24 hour live stream and I really want them to win but I’m pretty scared they will pull it out the bag and actually do it.

“But after the last performance against the USA I don’t think I will be doing the stream to be honest. On the off chance they do I wanted to do something out there and different.

“I stream anyway but have never done it for 24 hours. I will make it half price to call me up and I will be doing a lot of offers and doing games throughout. 

"It will be a fun show, I mean it will have to be because it will be for 24 hours and otherwise I will be flagging.

“I’ve not really looked at times yet. I could do it straight after they finish the game or I could do it the day after the final. I will start looking at details once it’s looking a bit more promising that they will win, maybe after the group stages.”

The final is held on December 18 and England continue their campaign tonight with a clash against Wales.

Amber meanwhile has posed in her undies at Babestation for two years.

And after leaving her traditional career behind the Buckinghamshire lass then had to inform her loved ones about her dramatic employment switch.

Remembering in a recent interview, she told us: “When I told them they sorted reacted how I assumed they would. They were not over the moon but they said it was my decision and they supported me.

“They see how happy I am and how well I am doing for myself and that I am a lot less stressful than when I was working in hospitality as a manager. They are glad I did it a certain way too. I went to college, got my apprenticeship and qualifications and then I took that route.”

She is already one of Babestation’s most popular performers and she is now looking to make a bigger name for herself on the back of the World Cup.

Amber added: “I had a lot of ideas for it and people were saying to go streaking in Qatar or do this or that at an England game but I wasn’t going to risk anything outrageous over there.

“So my message to fans over at the tournament is to come back and celebrate with me at home at Babestation.”

Not only does she hope to celebrate England winning the World Cup next month, the December period will also mark the 20 year anniversary of Babestation.

It started off as a TV programme on Sky dedicated to phone sex and it has since expanded into a webcam company that’s recognised as the UK’s best known adult brand.

They are marking the anniversary by teaming up with digital collectable provider Mverse to launch a range of Babestation NFTs.

A statement read: “We are proud to partner with Babestation to celebrate this huge milestone and excited to launch one off, limited edition, digital collectables to mark the occasion.

“There is a shared vision for exciting future innovation with Babestation which will add even more value to this drop, it’s definitely not one to be missed.”

The digital collectables, which will be available from December 3 and will feature Amber, will be limited to 100,000 consisting of 10 exclusive pictures of each Babestation model featured, both past and present.


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