Asda shares easy cooking hack to make delicious tortillas using 89p product

Asda shares easy cooking hack to make delicious tortillas using 89p product

Supermarket giant Asda has jumped on the viral "tortilla hack" to give tips on how to make one with their own 89p product.

The viral hack made up of numerous videos has attracted more than 79 million views on TikTok, after becoming the latest craze during lockdown.

Posting to their Instagram, Asda attempted to create a "pizza tortilla" filled with salami, cheese and tomato sauce.

In the clip, the worker cuts the tortilla wrap from the middle and places the ingredients into four quarters.

Using Asda brand products, they fill the wrap with tomato passata, cheddar chunks, salami, and grated mozzarella, and fold it into a pocket size triangle.

They then heat it up in a toaster so that the cheese melts. Asda recommended the recipe be used as a quick lunch, snack or even a light dinner.

A pack of white tortilla wrap is only 89p.

The wrap hack has left viewers drooling and one person who tried it commented: "Had one of these the other day incredible!"

Another wrote: "I could just eat that right now."

Food lovers have also shared their creations on social media. One KFC fan created an "ultimate wrap" filled with fried chicken, gravy and potatoes.

The wrap hack was even mentioned on ITV's This Morning on January 12 as hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield tried out sweet and savoury versions of it.

They made a dessert wrap filled with marshmallows, chocolate and bananas and a breakfast wrap loaded with hash brown, baked beans and bacon.

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