Adult star praised for slamming trolls who blame women for daddy issues

Adult star praised for slamming trolls who blame women for daddy issues

A porn star has been praised by fans after shutting down comments from trolls online that blame women for having "daddy issues."

Rebecca Goodwin, 28, struggled to feed her two daughters, now four and 11, before she turned to the kinky platform.

She survived on food vouchers for over a month but all of that changed when she started OnlyFans as she became a millionaire in just a few years.

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The model often shares content relating to her life as a mum and as a female content creator in general – but one topic that comes up often is the fact that she is a single mother.

In one of her recent clips, Rebecca commented on the phrase "daddy issues" – a term used to describe women who have absent fathers – explaining that having them isn't an issue with the woman.

She wrote: "Who's gonna tell the men that "daddy issues" isn't an insult to women, it literally only proves how many men give their own children issues."

But one troll took to the comments claiming it was a woman's fault for getting pregnant to a man who doesn't want a child.

"Or maybe women made him have a child he didn't want and then couldn't hand being a single mom despite being told he didn't want the responsibility," the comment read. [sic]

However, in a video, which has gained more than 20,000 likes, Rebecca replied: "Right man. Stop blaming women for you having kids. If you don't want a baby, wrap it up.

"If you don't want a baby, don't have sexual intercourse. If you don't want a baby, have a vasectomy that can be reversed.

"'Oh, no… because of my body.' What do you think it's doing to our bodies? I'm to pump f**king hormones into them every single day.

"Seen the size of this double chin? I'm f**king fed up of it. I've got an implant in my arm. I can't f**king stop eating f**cking Monster Munch at 8.38 in the morning.

"If you don't want a kid, make sure you don't have one. Like I hate to break this to you, but it is not the woman's responsibility to look after your own peepee.

"It's your job and your responsibility to make sure that your PP doesn't create a baby. We can't keep mothering you like this? Don't want a kid. Don't f**king make one."

TikTok users have since praised the model for her response as they took to the comments writing: "Men aren't ready for this conversation but I 1000% agree with this Rebecca. Well said."

Another added: "This is exactly why I love you, straight to the point."

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