A Look At RHOM Star Lisa Hochsteins Luxury Lifestyle

A Look At RHOM Star Lisa Hochsteins Luxury Lifestyle

Lisa Hochstein became famous in the reality TV world after joining The Real Housewives of Miami on Bravo (and later, Peacock). On camera, she showed off her lavish lifestyle with her then-husband Lenny Hochstein, a successful plastic surgeon, but she also showed the hardships of infertility, infidelity, and becoming an independent party from her partner. Lisa is one of the best parts of The Real Housewives franchise and has been a relatable TV figure. She has shown on RHOM how she met her husband and moved from Canada all the way to Miami to start a new life. Starting out as a model, Lisa has made a name for herself in South Florida. Like other Housewives who are self-made, Lisa has tried separating her persona from her husband’s while working on being a unit in her marriage.

Unfortunately for Lisa and Lenny, their rocky relationship has been shown in depth throughout RHOM. They were open about their struggles to get pregnant before having two kids via surrogacy. All the while, they were separated for a short time when Lenny had, what he called, an “emotional affair.” The two eventually made their relationship work in front of the cameras, until season 5 of RHOM when Lenny told Lisa he wanted a divorce and was already in love with someone else. Since then, the former couple has been fighting with lawyers to get what, they feel, is rightfully theirs from the marriage. In April 2023, a judge finally concluded how much support Lisa would be getting from Lenny.

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Lenny Has To Cough Up $8,000 A Month

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Lenny and Lisa have one of the most expensive homes on The Real Housewives with a $10 million mansion on Miami’s Star Island, according to Distractify. The reality TV star has talked about not having a mortgage, implying that she and her husband were wealthy enough to afford their home outright, and spending their riches on properties, fashions, cars, and their children. Now that the pair is getting divorced, the court just announced how much Lenny would have to pay Lisa to maintain the lavish lifestyle they were living to keep their kids’ lives as stable as possible.

According to Page Six, Lenny has to cough up $8,000 a month to Lisa as temporary support. As the mother of two children, the court agreed that Lisa had to “maintain the status quo” among other expenses and that as the breadwinner, Lenny has to continue that lifestyle. On top of those temporary payments, Lenny has to continue paying for medical insurance and other hobbies for the children. Considering Lenny’s net worth is around $20 million (via Bustle), fans of the franchise thought Lisa would get more than $8,000 a month for the time being. This is especially since fans have seen Lisa buy some ridiculously expensive things on The Real HousewivesOn top of paying Lisa $8,000 a month, Lenny also has to pay $60,000 in Lisa’s legal fees.

Lisa’s Lavish Lifestyle

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So, how will Lisa spend her new temporary support? Page Six noted that back in November 2022, Lisa filed an emergency motion for support because she could no longer buy food or diapers for her kids. However, it’s been said that Lisa earns $30,000 an episode from RHOM. With 19 episodes in season 5 of RHOM, Lisa earned just under $600,000. This shows just how much Lisa spends a month on a regal lifestyle. And while Lenny’s infidelities didn’t help their marriage, Lisa also mentioned her spending habits attributed to her divorce.

On The Real Housewives, Lisa only wears high-end designers and drives expensive cars like Ferraris. She’s one of the wealthier Housewives, but that could change if her spousal support is less than expected. On Instagram, Lisa can be seen wearing designs by Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, and Chanel to name a few. And while she makes good money from her time on the reality TV show, she does not want to move out of the Star Island family home because she doesn’t want to disrupt her kids’ daily lives. In the meantime, she and her kids live there while Lenny lives in a condo elsewhere.

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What Will Lisa Spend Her Money On?

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What will Lisa spend her money on, and where will she spend her time when she’s not in Miami? According to her Instagram, Lisa has been traveling with and without her kids. From Las Vegas to Aspen to Mexico, Lisa has kept her mind busy by exploring new places. Likewise, she has shown off some of her lavish ensembles for both her and her children through sponsored content. By spending her money on exciting locations, she’s showing that she’s anything but a homebody and wants to show her kids the world.

While fans are used to seeing Lisa spend her riches and shop without a budget, her spending habits will presumably be reined in now that she has to budget her spending. Lenny and Lisa’s messy divorce has been made public and will be drawn out until they settle on an agreed amount. In the meantime, RHOM fans continue to support Lisa during her struggles and look forward to seeing the new lifestyle she’ll set forth with her children.

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