'90 Day Fiancé': Will Nicole Nafziger Convert to Islam for Azan Tefou?

'90 Day Fiancé': Will Nicole Nafziger Convert to Islam for Azan Tefou?

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou are possibly one of the 90 Day Fiancé franchises most infamous couples. After years of engagement, the two still haven’t tied the knot, and this has many fans concerned. There have been two canceled weddings, multiple visa failures, and allegations of infidelity and bad intentions on Tefou’s part. Some fans believe Tefou is just using Nafziger for cash and a possible entry into the United States. Add to that the fact that Nafziger herself has cheated on Tefou, and it’s easy to see that this is a tumultuous relationship at best.

However, Nafziger seems to be eager to jump into more serious relationship scenarios with Tefou. That has some fans wondering, if the couple ever does get married, will Nafziger convert to Islam to better fit in with Tefou’s culture and family?

So far, no marriage


After such a long engagement and two failed marriage attempts, fans are wondering if this 90 Day Fiancé couple actually intend to ever get married. Some fans have begun to speculate that Azan Tefou isn’t truly trying to get married to Nicole Nafziger.

The first wedding failed as a result of Nicole Nafziger’s failure to acquire the proper documentation during the visa process. As a result, Nafziger and Tefou tried to set up a second wedding attempt, but this one failed as well. In an Instagram Q&A, Nafziger addressed fan questions about their second attempt at marriage, and what went wrong.

“Why didn’t you guys actually get married when you were supposed to?” one fan asked Nafziger on Instagram.

“Too much pressure not enough time or money. You can’t rush this kind of stuff. Do it in the right moment and it wasn’t the right moment yet,” replied Nafziger. It seems as if money has been one of the major issues for the couple from the get go. However, Nafziger has hinted at the possibility of marriage this year. Some fans are wondering if Nafziger will be able to cope with Moroccan customs, however.

Trouble with customs


Nicole Nafziger exhibited some issues when it came to coping with Azan Tefou’s religious and cultural customs in Morocco. One of the major hurdles the 90 Day Fiancé couples encountered was Nafziger’s desire for more public displays of affection.

During an episode in Morpcco, Nafziger told the camera, “In Morocco, it’s a Muslim country, so that means that we are more modest in public.”

Nafziger tried to get Tefou to engage with her more affectionately in public despite knowing this might make him uncomfortable. “Just feel natural and make out on a beach or something,” Nafziger told him.

Tefou, in turn, told Nafziger, “That’s gonna be hard for me. It’s just hard like thinking about people looking at me all the time.” Tefou has also told Nafziger in the past that they cannot share a hotel until they are married. He claims his culture and religion are what prevents these things, but some fans are wondering if he’s just not actually that interested in Nafziger.

Will she convert?


During yet another Instagram Q&A, Nicole Nafziger addressed 90 Day Fiancé fans’ questions about her relationship. One fan cut right to the chase, asking Nafziger, “[Are you] Christian? You have a gentle spirit.”

Nafziger replied, “I am a Christian. The combination of my upbringing and my parents’/family influence on me made me how and who I am.”

A fan followed up with, “How do y’all do it with different religions? Will one of y’all convert when you get married?”

Nafziger replied with, “We made it very clear to each other in the beginning that we would respect each other’s religion and not ask the other to convert. It’s worked for us so far. He respects me and I respect him.”

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