7 Things On Which Harry Styles Spends A Fortune

7 Things On Which Harry Styles Spends A Fortune

Harry Styles was only 16 years old when he auditioned for X-Factor and became a part of One Direction’s boy band. The group was formed in 2010, and the band went on to release five studio albums that smashed records and landed at top spots on music charts. After the band took a hiatus in 2015, Styles ventured into a solo music career that gained astronomical success. His two studio albums Harry Styles and Fine Line, have made him one of the most successful solo artists of recent times. He has managed to gain an $80 million net worth from his music, tours, movie roles, and brand endorsement for Gucci.

From maintaining a vintage archive of clothes and artwork to owning classic cars and luxury homes, Harry Styles loves to spend his fortune on enjoying life. Let’s look at the things Harry Styles spends his net worth.

7 Retro Artwork

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Many celebrities love to collect expensive artwork in their homes. Harry Styles was enamored with the work of British artist Hayden Kays. His work is primarily influenced by the pop art of the 50s and uses a typewriter to feature his drawings. Kays has sold to artists like Chris Martin and Noel Fielding. As mentioned by The Things, Styles has purchased 25 artwork pieces from Kays to hang in his home as each drawing costs nearly $1,300, the total cost of the 25 pieces hikes to $33,000.

6 Vintage Car Collection

A true fan of vintage fashion, his love for retro times is seen in his choice of cars. Harry Styles owns classic cars that have distinctive lines. He owns a $195,000 worth Ferrari California Convertible purchased in 2012. The same year he also purchased an Audi R8 Coupe that costs upwards of $130,000. The star also owns a Jaguar E-Type that is considered the most elegant car of all time. Styles has also been spotted behind the wheel of a classic Mercedes-Benz 230SL that costs $55,048.

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5 Real Estate

Harry Styles spends most of his time making productive music and touring the world. As he juggles his time living in New York, Los Angeles, and England, the actor/singer has a home in all three locations. His first purchase was a Hampstead Home in North London that he bought for $4 million. He also bought a Beverly Hills home in 2014 however sold it in 2016. After selling his California home, he purchased a modern California bachelor pad for $6.9 million. The two-story pad has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. In 2017, he bought a New York penthouse for $8.7 million in the Tribeca neighborhood. After purchasing his first property in London, Styles bought two more properties in the same London area for $10.9 million and $5.5 million, respectively, as reported by Hello Magazine.

4 Vacation

When Harry Styles takes time off from making music and shooting movies, he likes to vacation with his close friends. In June 2020, he went on a vacation with his good friends Adele and James Corden to Anguilla. They were spotted enjoying their time on the beach and at local restaurants. According to People, Harry Styles left a $2,020 tip on a $472.50 bill. An average three-day trip to the Caribbean would have cost him an estimated $17,000.

3 Clothing Archive

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Harry Styles has found his go-to designer in Harris Reed, who creates gender-fluid fashion clothes. In a 2019 interview, Reed mentioned that Styles keeps his costumes for concerts and music videos in a clothing archive vault in London that is kept under 24-hour surveillance. The vault footage can be checked via any electronic gadget by Styles. The vault must reportedly cost him upwards of $5,000 per year for maintenance and security.

2 Security

Being one of the most sought-after artists of his generation, Harry Styles has had a few scares over the years. He once had a homeless man following him, he was mugged at knife-point in London, and a man once vandalized his London Home. To ensure his safety at all times, Styles hired Mick Jagger’s bodyguard to keep him company, as noted by Daily Mail. He uses a strong security detail that costs $1 million to be with him during his performances, award show appearances, and after-parties.

1 Charity

Harry Styles has one mantra: Treat People With Kindness. These are not just words he lives by but also a staple in his merchandise. Proceeds of his Treat People With Kindness merchandise are given to charity, and he has raised $1.2 million from his debut solo album tour in 2017. He has helped over 62 charities, including Help Refugees, We Love Manchester, Amnesty International, Born This Way Foundation, Save The Children, Aid Still Required, and many more. During the pandemic, as the city of Lebanon suffered an unfortunate explosion, Styles donated and raised over $8.1 million to help the people who suffered through a loss.

From spending money on lavish luxuries to helping people who are struggling worldwide, Harry Styles spends his fortune doing what is right. While he has helped a lot of charities, he also likes to spend money on himself. Harry Styles will be next seen in two 2022 releases, My Policeman and Don’t Worry, Darling, and an untitled Eternals movie soon.

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