7 best anti-chafing creams and powders 2022 to prevent irritated skin this summer

7 best anti-chafing creams and powders 2022 to prevent irritated skin this summer

We know we shouldn’t complain about the warm weather, but it does come with a few drawbacks. Wasps. Ice cream melting faster than you can lick it. And that uncomfortable feeling of hot skin rubbing together.

Skin chafing most commonly occurs in areas of the body that frequently touch, such as the inner thighs or under the arms. Exercising, sweating and friction from clothes can also all cause discomfort, and in some cases even a rash or broken skin.

Fortunately help is at hand. There are a few sneaky fashion hacks that can solve the problem, and nowadays there are plenty of the best anti-chafing products that will leave skin feeling smooth and snag-free.

So try slathering, spritzing or swiping one of these on and enjoy wearing that cute new summer dress in comfort.

Best anti-chafing products to buy in 2022

Megababe Thigh Rescue, from £8 here

Cute new brand Megababe has just launched on Cult Beauty and aims to make taboos surrounding things like chafing, sweating and body odour a thing of the past with its body-positive messaging. This award-winning chafe stick glides on and contains ingredients that also promote skin healing.

Prefer a powder? We also love Megababe's Body Dust Top-To_tie Powder, £17 here.

Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, £10 here

Another more grown-up version of the baby powder trick, this is made with cornstarch instead of talc and has a lovely fragrance of jasmine and vetiver. Pat onto sweaty areas or spots that typically rub to reduce friction.

mio Move Groove Anti-Friction Balm, £15 here

Specifically designed for those who experience rubbing while exercising, this lightweight cream contains coconut oil and niacinamide to moisturise and soothe skin. One fan writes how they "really notice a difference" when they apply it before going on long runs.

Smoovall Skin Contact Spray, £14.99 here

This spray is quick and easy to apply and requires no rubbing in. It leaves a silky layer on the skin that prevents rubbing for up to four hours.

BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream, £12.95 here

An all-natural non-greasy cream that rubs in clear and has a refreshing tea tree oil fragrance. It’s also water-resistant and contains colloidal silver, an ingredient with skin-healing properties.

Bodyglide Anti-Chafing Balm, £11.99 here

This pocket-sized twist-up stick balm is non-greasy and perfect for applying to precise areas.

Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel, £6.30 here

Definitely more medical than a luxurious beauty product, this little tube does the job if you've only got small areas of skin to protect. It forms a clear, breathable barrier over the skin and won't transfer onto your clothes.

Expert tips on how to prevent chafing:

Smoovall’s founder Reginald Ofori shares some more advice:

*Never use duct tape! Many people use duct tape to prevent chafing – however this can irritate the skin and is not a long term option. The substances used to make duct tape sticky should not be used on your skin.

*Ditch the plasters. Plasters can collect bacteria, moisture and odour – also not great for your skin.

*Choose comfortable and clean workout clothing that fits well. Performance workout gear is designed to be breathable and will help prevent chafing. A good reason to indulge in some fancy gym clothes!

*Before you sleep apply a healing cream (we like Bepanthan), as your cells regenerate overnight. Also remember to moisturise to keep the skin hydrated and prevent dry itchy patches.

*Ensure you use an anti-chafing spray before you workout. A quick spray over areas that you are likely to chafe on your body will ensure you are protecting your skin.

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