6 Innovative Features In Elon Musk’s Future City, Cost Ranked

6 Innovative Features In Elon Musk’s Future City, Cost Ranked

Elon Musk’s future city has a list of innovative features that can leave the masses awestruck.

Elon Musk was once considered overly ambitious for a practical world. However, the innovative features that he has come up with for his Future city have left folks spellbound. These investments can be cost ranked to find out how Musk is planning on changing the future through just investments.

Various billionaires and millionaires are launching separate projects in pursuit to change the destiny of human existence. Amongst them is Elon Musk, and he believes in tackling different aspects of life simultaneously to make it better.

His projects have focused not only on making the dream of traveling to Mars more plausible but also to make traveling on earth more comfortable and faster. Elon Musk has proved his brilliance time and again with his various feats at SpaceX and Tesla. Musk has also been qualified by many as one of the most creative people on the planet repeatedly.

His dream for a future city is to design new technology and change society’s infrastructure. For example, he proposes a change in the education system itself so that children can grow up to mastermind more ambitious projects in the future. He has designed ‘the school of the school’ founded by himself, focusing on techniques like problem-solving and practical education.

If one talks about Musk’s critical investments in building his future city, they can be effectively cost ranked from lowest to highest.

6 Neuralink Between Brains and Computers

Probably the most exciting of all of Musk’s projects for his future city is the Neuralink project. This 27 million dollar worth of tech aims at building an interface between a computer and a human brain.

This technology has only been tried out on a monkey to date, and the subject was able to control a computer system with its brain. However, the project’s more promising target is tracking down and treating brain diseases by accessing the computer interface linked to it.

Elon Musk has earned his place as one of the few creators of the pathway that can lead humanity into a post-human, futuristic world. With pioneers such as Musk hustling to build a technologically-advanced world, it might as well be a fascinating time to be alive.

5 Car Elevators and Tunnels

Musk is also known for his ambitious project of employing The Boring Company to make car elevators and underground tunnels as routes. This has cost him around $40 million, which could shoot up for this futuristic idea’s research and development.

He is often asked if he envisions his future city to be like the futuristic world from science fiction movies with cars flying around in the sky. However, his ambitions are more practical, and he does not wish to block the beautiful view of the sky with vehicles. However, the Tesla founder admits that traffic is a huge bummer for the postmodern world, and that is what he plans on changing with his mind-boggling tech.

4 The Self-Driving Technology

Tesla’s self-driving technology and software are one of the most popular of Elon Musk’s projects. This dream-come-true stuff from the world of sci-fi has cost him around 70 million dollars.

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According to Musk, this has solved numerous problems. For one, people do not have to depend on drivers or have good driving skills for commuting. It can be a safer world out there for them since road accidents could be averted. The passenger could also spend quality time indulging in a preoccupation instead of worrying about navigating and driving through the roads.

3 SpaceX And Rocket Travel

The project of SpaceX to make the rocket travel a reality on earth is another of Musk’s attempts to re-center the world attention from interplanetary travels to intra-planetary travels. The cost for this project is estimated to be 100 million dollars.

The implementation of such a technology can make traveling way faster. Musk believes that people will be able to use this kind of commutation once it is cost-effective. He claims that such a development can allow people to purchase tickets for a rocket journey as merely as they would for an economy flight.

2 The Technology Of Hyperloop

The Hyperloop is another one of Musk’s mind-blowing creations. This 6-billion-dollar technology comes in the form of a floating pod that shall reduce air resistance and glides faster. The recorded speed has been about 463 kilometers per hour and is quite an impressive figure.

This vessel helps in more efficient transportation of not only passengers but also goods and cargo. This is a joint venture by SpaceX and Tesla, both headed by Elon Musk.

1 The StarLink Project

The Starlink Project is Musk’s 10 billion dollar project executed by SpaceX. This project aims to create a well-connected world. For the first time in human history, the world may understand what it means to belong in a global village.

The project was launched to create a constellation of internet satellite connections. The ambitious founder of SpaceX has always tended to pull the significance of interplanetary relations within earth’s realm. This project, too, pays heed to the kind of communication balance one gets access to on earth. The satellites will be designed in a manner that its low latency can lead to better connectivity.

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