12 Best Face Masks For Exercise | The Sun 2020

12 Best Face Masks For Exercise | The Sun 2020

THE UK's gyms and leisure centres have reopened after a summer of being shuttered, but you'll still need to wear a face mask in any enclosed public space.

Luckily, plenty of sports manufacturers have risen to the call and produced a range of face masks specifically designed for exercising.

From July 24, we'll all need to be wearing face masks inside of shops and supermarkets as well on public transport, with the potential of being hit by a £100 pound fine for anyone who fails to comply with the new regulations.

Understandably, many have concerns about how safe it is to exercise while wearing a face mask, as no matter how thin and breathable they are, they do put a strain on airflow and encourage the breathing-in of old carbon dioxide-laden air.

While more research is certainly needed, it’s best to keep to low-intensity exercise such as walking or slow cycling while wearing a mask – be aware of your breathing and watch out for symptoms such as light-headedness and breathlessness.

Please note: None of the face coverings featured in this article should be considered medical grade though they can help to prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission.

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