10 People Reveal The Last Conversation They Had With Their Ex, & It’s So Intense

10 People Reveal The Last Conversation They Had With Their Ex, & It’s So Intense

Talking with your current (or soon to be) ex can be an extremely unpleasant experience. Even if things ended on good terms, the final breakup convo can be a massively sad and emotionally charged downer. When people reveal the last conversation they had with their ex, it can say a lot about the dynamic of the relationship and why things didn’t work out. Unfortunately, sometimes, it’s simply not possible to save things, even if you’re able to pinpoint how and why the issue(s) within the relationship arose.

According to Trina Leckie, breakup coach and host of the breakup BOOST podcast, the best way to part ways with an ex is to initiate an honest conversation. "The best thing you can do is sit down with them in person (no text breakups) and have a really kind, honest, and compassionate conversation with them," Leckie previously told Elite Daily. "Do your best to end things on good terms and then go no-contact after that so that both of you can have time and space away from the relationship, gain clarity, and start the healing process." Since committing to no-contact can take a level of self-control that many of us don’t have, in some cases, communicating with exes can become an ongoing struggle. Whether the last convo with your ex was during your breakup or an awkward post-breakup check-in, you’ll probably find these Redditor’s experiences to be very relatable.

1. Sometimes, even after time has passed, it’s not too late for a heart to heart.


2. Sometimes, they need a temporary shoulder to cry on.


3. Sometimes, they try to convince you to stay.


4. Sometimes, you try your best to comfort each other.


5. Sometimes, you just want your stuff back.


6. Sometimes, you have to be honest.


7. Sometimes, you say ‘way too much.’


8. Sometimes, you get sentimental before you cut the cord.

— u/mangolaser

9. Sometimes, you’re on totally different wavelengths.


10. Sometimes, you just want them to find happiness.


Having a final conversation with someone who you had a relationship with is rarely easy. However, if things aren’t working out, then officially ending things is a necessary part of the process. So, all you can do is be as communicative and honest as possible.

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