What’s going to happen in Sex Education season 3? The new trailer drops plenty of clues

What’s going to happen in Sex Education season 3? The new trailer drops plenty of clues

The official trailer for season three of Netflix’s Sex Education is here, and it drops a lot of clues as to what fans can expect from the new series. Keep reading to check out the main revelations from the trailer.

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a trailer for season three of Netflix’s Sex Education – and it’s looking like there’s another brilliant series in store.

The trailer – which was released via Netflix UK’s official Twitter account earlier today (7 September) – follows Otis, Maeve and the rest of the Moordale crew as they head back to school after the summer holidays, only to be met by their new headmistress, Mrs Hope Haddon (aka, Jemma Kirke).

You can watch the full clip below:

Of course, we already knew that the students of Moordale would be facing a new leader upon their return to school – but the trailer gives us some further clues as to the storylines we can expect to see play out throughout the new season. 

Keep reading to find out the main things we learned. 

1. Moordale has a new nickname

As the trailer opens, we learn that the sexual activities of Moordale’s students have come to the attention of the wider community, leading a news reporter to dub the school the ‘Sex School’.

However, it’s not just the sex that’s the problem, as the new headmistress points out in a later assembly.

“It seems that there are some students here who get a kick out of giving us a bad name,” she says, as a shot of janitors covering up explicit graffiti plays in the background. “It changes today.”

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Mrs Haddon is on a mission to clean up Moordale’s reputation – and we can expect to see her attempts to do this throughout season three.  

Moordale has gained a nickname over the summer holidays.

2. Otis is expanding his sexual horizons

Blink and you’ll miss it, but it seems Otis might have a mysterious new love interest lurking in the disused toilet block where he and Maeve started their sex education business.

At one point in the trailer, we see him looking around before a hand reaches out and pulls him into a cubicle, before the next shot shows him speaking to Eric, who reacts with a shocked “What?”.

Could it be Ruby Matthews, the popular girl whom Otis lost his virginity to in season two?

3. Adam and Eric are growing stronger

Adam has been on quite a journey throughout the first two seasons of Sex Education, from bullying Eric for being gay, to realising and accepting that he is bisexual. And if the season three trailer is anything to go by, it seems as if Adam’s growth is set to continue.

In an early scene, he and Eric can be seen fooling around with each other, before Adam tells him he’s “ready to… you know”. And later on, Adam demonstrates growth yet again. 

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“I’m not good at talking, but I want to change,” he can be heard saying.

With all of this in mind, it seems likely that we’ll see Adam and Eric growing closer throughout season three – albeit with a few expected bumps in the road along the way.

4. There’s a new sex education curriculum – and Maeve isn’t happy

Moordale isn’t just home to a new headmistress and strait-laced uniform – it’s also got a whole new sex education curriculum, too. And instead of teaching the teenagers how to have safe, healthy sex and relationships, it seems Moordale’s new establishment is going down a different route: in the trailer, we see one of the school’s sex educators tell the students “sex will ruin your life” and use ‘shame signs’ to correct the student’s behaviour.

However, if Maeve’s response to the new lessons is anything to go by, they won’t be around for long.

“She can’t be teaching this stuff. It’s backwards,” she can be heard saying. And while Otis replies by saying, “I’m not getting involved anymore,” we expect (and hope) the pair will eventually end up working together to revolt against the school’s old-fashioned new rules. 

Adam and Eric are going from strength to strength.

5. Otis and Maeve are continuing their ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship

As much as Otis and Maeve both like to pretend they don’t have feelings for one another, the trailer makes it clear that there’s still something going on between the two of them – and we expect something to come of this during season three.

Indeed, while at the beginning of the trailer Otis can be heard telling Eric he doesn’t need to know what Maeve is doing anymore, he’s later shown dropping her off after school (much to the dismay of Isaac).

6. Maeve and Aimee have a falling out

Perhaps the saddest moment in the whole trailer is seeing Maeve and Aimee – the series’ long-term best friends – have a falling out.

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It’s not clear exactly what they fall out over, but it seems like it could have something to do with the fact that Aimee and Maeve have very different family backgrounds.

Aimee is going to therapy

In one of the trailer’s closing shots, Aimee can be seen sitting in front of Otis’ mother, Dr Jean Milburn, who happens to be a sex therapist.

“I just want to be the old me again,” Aimee can be heard saying, to which Dr Milburn says, “You may never be the old you, but that’s OK”.

Although it’s not clear why Aimee is in therapy, we suspect it has something to do with the sexual assault she experienced in season two, and how it’s affecting her in the long run.  

Sex Education season 3 will be available to watch on Netflix from 17 September

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