Watch: Ashley Bloomfield makes booming ‘guest appearance’ at Rhythm n Vines music festival

Watch: Ashley Bloomfield makes booming ‘guest appearance’ at Rhythm n Vines music festival

He blessed the nation with his appearance at the daily 1pm Covid-19 briefings, and now Ashley Bloomfield has made a booming “guest appearance” at music festival Rhythm n Vines.

Last night, crowds at Rhythm n Vines went wild when footage of Ashley Bloomfield appeared on the big screen.

As a dubstep beat played over the speakers, Bloomfield delivered an important message for all Kiwis.

His message of washing hands and making summer “unstoppable” was worked into the music, which sent the crowd wild.

“Kia ora koutou, Hello New Zealand, I’m Dr Ashley Bloomfield. And this is a Covid-19 announcement,” he starts.

“Wash and sanitise hands properly. Scan QR codes, turn Bluetooth on.

“It’s time to make summer unstoppable. Let’s unite against Covid-19.

“Covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, announcement,” Bloomfield was heard announcing.

The “guest appearance” has since gone viral, with some saying it’s the highlight of the festival.

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“Imagine hearing that sounds at a festival!” one person said.

Another wrote: “F*** that’s some gangster s***! Only in New Zealand.”

A third added: “This should be in Te Papa.”

Bloomfield’s appearance was made possible after teaming up with Auckland-based producer and DJ Macsen Beats.

The video was made to raise awareness about keeping each other safe at festivals and events this summer.

It’s not the only appearance the Ministry of Health has made at Rhythm n Vines.

A number of people have been seen dressed in yellow and white Covid-19 clothing, wearing QR codes and walking around with hand sanitiser to remind festival-goers to sign in and keep their hands clean.

The Unite Against Covid-19 official Twitter page named them the Sani Squad after photos emerged of them walking around to spread good hygiene habits and awareness.

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