UK Rapper Nines Releases New Short Film 'Crop Circle 2'

UK Rapper Nines Releases New Short Film 'Crop Circle 2'

Following the release of his new album, Crop Circle 2, UK road rap legend Nines has just dropped a brand-new movie of the same name to correspond with his new music release.

Nines’ new album was his fourth full-length album — following his inception off the back of the 2012-released mixtape Church Road To Hollywood – and it became the rhymer’s fourth top-five album, following his number one project, Crabs In A Bucket, which also came with a 26-minute short film. Now, in partnership with Nines’ new album, the Crop Circle 2 film has surfaced. 

Directed by Nines himself and Charlie Di Placido, Crop Circle 2 serves as the follow-up to the first part of the film that was released in 2018. And while the film is centered around the gritty — and sometimes troublesome — happenings of life in Nines’ hometown, the movie also features much-welcomed elements of comedy with scenes featuring London-based comedians Yoms and Uncle Ed.

Additionally, the film also features further British talent including fellow musicians Ghetts and Kojey Radical as well as online personalities, Zeze Mills, Lippy Lickshot, and many more.

Alongside the release of Crop Circle 2, Nines has also dropped a new music video for one of his new album’s stand-out records, “Different League,” featuring Nafe Smallz and Clavish. Taking us around a series of lively house parties, the music video is underpinned by Nafe Smallz’s Auto-Tuned melodies, while UK rap front-runner Clavish adds further convicting road rhymes for good measure.

You can watch the Crop Circle 2 film and “Different League” visuals above and in other music news, check out the new release from Skepta and Jammer.
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