The Next Generation of iPhones May Come With 1TB Storage

The Next Generation of iPhones May Come With 1TB Storage

YouTube sensation Jon Prosser is back with another Apple leak, this time suggesting that the next generation of iPhones will get a storage expansion to 1TB.

According to the regular leaker, Apple is currently working on prototypes for the iPhone 13 which include models with 1TB of internal storage. Apple’s smartphones currently max out at 512GB — since the launch of the XS back in 2018 — and while Prosser isn’t entirely sure if the tech giant will ultimately release 1TB models commercially, he says that any possible model with that amount of storage would fall under the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models.

On top of storage, Prosser also says that the upcoming iPhones will feature smaller top notches in their design. There’s no news yet on whether Apple will be incorporating an in-display fingerprint reader, but so far rumors are suggesting that the company wants to keep Face ID regardless of a fingerprint scanner, and so the notched design won’t be changed any time soon.

You can check out Prosser’s full video above.

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